Wild Adventures with the Megow Crew!

When we went to Wild Adventures back over Christmas break I knew it would be tricky for me to ever take the kids completely alone. Prior to Spring Break I mentioned to some friends that I wanted to go out there during that week and Crissy said she was wanting to go too! Perfect!!! 

To me one of the biggest downfalls of Wild Adventures is how late they wait to open. 10 am?!?! That is LATE in “Mommy time” right?!?! We got there right at opening and it was SUCH a beautiful morning! I’m so thankful we went when we did as now that it’s summer I can’t imagine battling that heat!!!

It’s so neat that when you first walk in they always have some animals to touch! I love hands on experiences 🙂

 I took all the little kids to the play ground and watched them play while Crissy took the big kids over to a roller coaster near by! Glad she’s a daredevil 🙂




 Kye on the roller coaster!

 I thought Kye was hiding his eyes but once I looked closer he’s actually holding his arms in the air haha

 Britt LOVES Olive!!!

 Crissy even took the whole crew on the dizzy dragons for me. Have I mentioned I love being pregnant as it’s a total legit excuse not to have to ride rides that I don’t like to ride anyway?!?!

 Animal fun with friends!

 I think Spring Break was too hardcore for Neela haha she crashed!

 Last time we went they wouldn’t let Britt ride the choo choo (even though she’s totally tall enough!) thankfully this time they let her!

 Our crazy crew!

 I love having fun with my babies!

They recently opened a new area of the park…a butterfly exhibit. It is SO neat but also SO tough to get the butterflies to land on your q-tip! Neela didn’t want to leave b/c she loved it so much and Kye got mega frustrated b/c he wanted to catch a butterfly himself and it was pretty much impossible for that to happen! Eventually he got over being stubborn and let me do it for him 😉

 Next we headed to the petting zoo! I know a lot of parents hate petting zoos but I love them. I just really, really enjoy hands on experiences for the kids and they love it too!

A new animal they recently introduced is this pig. I mean he looks cute and harmless right!?!?! Sweet Kye wasn’t even MESSING with the pig. He was just looking at him and the pig, out of no where, ran (like seriously suddenly RAN) up and jumped up on Kye’s leg and bit him!!! I was shocked!!! Another lady saw it too and she kinda freaked out. It really scared Kye b/c it was totally out of the blue. The worker, of course, defended the dang pig. At least pigs don’t have teeth but I sure enough told my kids to stay away from the pig from then on! What’s with my kids and getting bitten at petting zoos? First Britt at the zoo in Orlando and then Kye at Wild Adventures! Both in the same week!

 Group shot before we rode the safari!

Kye is closer to Neela in age but he has always just really loved Stevie 🙂 

 Again…Crissy is amazing and super handy 😉 

 We packed lunch but ended up go-go-going so much that I just had the kids eat their lunch in the car on the way home. Instead we let them do one last right (the big kids could do this slide thing?) before we left! 

 I don’t know much about this experience but it’s some slide and you have to sit on a mat. I do not understand WHY in the WORLD they didn’t have a staff member positioned at the top of the slide to help the kids?!?!?! These are not BIG kids up there and that mat was kinda intense and the slide was super steep and high. I was trying not to freak out watching Kye struggle with his mat!

Of course Kye ended up losing his grip on his mat and was barely holding on to the sides of the slide. A staff member finally ran up there to help him! I was so scared that he was going to get hurt!!! IF he rides this again I will be asking a staff member to go up with him to help him! For sure!

All of the kids had SO much fun together and it was really such a perfect morning! Cool and beautiful and not crowded at all. We were only there for about 2 hours but I feel like they were able to do plenty of fun stuff! The nice thing about having passes is that I don’t feel like I’m wasting money by only going for a little while, ya know? The kids ate lunch on the way home and they were down for naps right on schedule! I’m so thankful to Crissy for going with us and I’m hoping I’m able to get some more friend help to hit up the splash park now that it’s summer and HOT!

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  1. Katie1315
    June 10, 2014 / 7:07 pm

    Fun!!! I wish we were closer and the water part opened at 10 too AND it wasn't at the back of the park. Both times we've been it started storming at 2:00 and they shut it down. Soooo annoying!

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