Welcome to Daytona!

Early on in our friendship with Robyn and Matt we talked about going on a trip with both of our families. Lorelai hadn’t been to the beach yet so obviously that was our top choice for a vacation spot! We planned the trip for the end of the summer on purpose, hoping that both kids would be down to one nap to make the days longer for beach time (and yay! they both are!). We got separate hotel rooms and drove separate cars (how else could you take two kids on a trip?) but we still did everything together. Matt has Friday’s off work, Robyn is out for the summer from school, and Zach took Friday off so we could hit the road!

We went to Daytona because 1) it’s rather close 2) it’s the beach and 3) we got a great deal with our timeshare tour trips (and I talked them out of making us tour…I’m a baller). Sure, the hotel room wasn’t so great (the floor was NASTY) but it was ON the beach and had plenty of room for a pack and play, a fridge, and a microwave so I’d totally stay there again 🙂

gotta get that hotel room shot 🙂

first thing my kid does is climb on a table when I’m not looking…shocker.

We got down there at about 3ish so we just got settled in our rooms then got ready for dinner. We decided on eating at Bubba Gump Shrimp since Matt and Robyn haven’t ever been there. It was located at this neat Ocean Walk place which we LOVED! So family friendly and nice! 

Neat “tunnel” bridge at Ocean Walk

ready to grub on some AWESOME food

Robyn’s stuffed shrimp was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

we were pretty annoyed that they made the kids sit beside each other but they did pretty good with it

and their kids meals were super cute (remember Jenny? Forest’s boat!)

After riding in the cars all day during nap time (so therefore not getting great naps), and having to sit beside each other for dinner, both kids got pretty antsy so we took them outside to run off some energy. The Ocean Walk place has this HUGE open area that lead to the beach…the perfect spot for young kids to play!

Kye HARDCORE gets that arm pumpin’ when he walks

He loved running up to all the strangers and saying “hello” and “bye bye” to them

While the kids played us adults tried to get some good beach pictures, the Mullican Family is lookin’ good!

Parker family…not so much.

Kye wasn’t feeling family pics so we went for a Mommy and Daddy solo pic instead 😉

from blog “stalker” to real friend 🙂

We had to CHASE Kye down to leave

Zach had to use Kye’s hammer to rig up Kye’s sleep situation

our poor kid sleeps in a cave

Once both kids were asleep for the night Zach and I went over to Matt and Robyn’s room to hang out. Lorelai sleeps with a little light on and Kye has to have complete darkness so it made more sense to hang out in their room so we just brought along a monitor. The guys went and got us ice cream then we played several rounds of “whisper UNO!”

A fun first night and a GREAT start to the trip!

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