Week 13 Summary

Week 13 of Britt’s life went from Feb 28th through March 5th. She turned 13 weeks old on Tuesday March 6th. Since it all worked out so perfectly that her week 14 started on the day she turned three months old, I decided this will be the last of her weekly posts. She’s at a point now where not as many changes are happening each week and I can just keep good notes and make one big, long monthly one (my least favorite posts to write…and probably your least favorite to read…but I think they will be the favorites for the kids someday!). 

Schedule: Britt’s schedule was the same this week as Week 12. We are getting in a pretty good grove during awake times…I typically put her on her belly right after I get her dressed in the morning then soon after each other feeding during the day. I always put a toy in front of her, especially her mirror. She usually does about 10 min or so of tummy time at each awake time, I pick her up from it whenever she starts getting fussy.

She loves it!

Big Girl: She just keeps growing! This week her 3 month sized sleepers got too little. They were too short and small in the feet so I had to move her up to the 6 month size (this is why I always stock up on the bigger stuff…that way when it’s time to make the switch I don’t have to run out and buy anything!).  It cracked me up because the new ones fit great in the length but are HUGE in the tummy area!

 Curl: I think I have mentioned her little curl before, I adore it. It’s not really a legit curl…just more a piece of hair that stick out. I have to do the spit fix a lot on it 😉

Sling: I never, ever used a sling with Kye. I owned some but I just thought they were more of a pain than they were worth. Zach loved the Bjorn and used it a lot on trips and such (we need to remember it for Britt!) but I felt like it hurt my back?!? I have pretty big babies and am not very big myself so it’s tough to wear them. When I was pregnant with Brittlynn I got a free sling from Seven Slings…I found some offer code where I could get it for free so why not? Now that she’s awake longer, I actually decided to use it. 

I tried to do it the traditional way, with her “laying” in it but she HATED it. So I tried it where she can sit and look out and she really likes it! She is much more of a social baby than Kye was. Also I’m much more all over the place than I was with him. I can’t carry her around all the time and get everything done (like make Kye’s lunch or things like that). She does not like to be in her bouncer for very long if she can’t see us and see what’s going on (she’s SOCIAL not nosey!). The sling is a great fix. I can only wear her for like 10-15 min max because then she gets too heavy but it allows me to do a few quick things while keeping her entertained and happy. I also try to avoid laying her on her back a lot during awake time because the whole flat head/bald spot thing so I feel better about  her in the sling since she’s not laying down!

Coordination: I’m impressed with Britt’s great coordination. Kye was coordinated young but I always figured it was a boy thing. However, Britt seems to be very much the same way. She loves to reach for things and work and work until she can grab them. Her favorite toy on her bouncer is this green curly circle shape, she loves to swat it. She has also mastered pulling the string on her car seat toy to make it sing. It’s so funny how we’ll hear it randomly go off. I thought Kye’s frog one was great because you just had to push the eyes for music but hers is even better because the pulling motion is easier for her to do than having to reach and touch the little eyes!

Baldness Begins: Well, I knew it’d happen someday. Britt has started to lose her hair in the back. Kye was the same way but he went COMPLETELY bald. I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll keep the hair on top, in the front, and on the sides. It will make me so sad if all of her sweet hair is gone. The bald spot is very normal and is from sleeping on her back. She turns her head back and forth while laying in her crib and it causes the hair to fall out, and break off. You can see it looks like we cut some of it. I promise we didn’t!

Sleepy Head: While her schedule is still going good, I feel like she’ll be ready for the four hour schedule soon. She is not very happy when we wake her up for her bath and I think she’d be happier to get to go down for the night earlier! Look at this grumpy face! She still loves bath time but it takes her a little bit to wake up for it!

More pictures from this week:

Levi follows us wherever we go, always keeping a watchful eye!

Britt LOVES her hands!!!

 Anything will do for her to look at during tummy time 😉

 Love this one of us together from Kye’s party 

(and this outfit DOES look cowgirlish…what are you talkin’ about Rachael?!?!)

Other Things Going On With Britt This Week:

  • While I’m nursing her she gets these sweet little balls of sweat on the bridge of her nose, it’s so precious to me
  • As of right now, here is my fav video of Britt. I LOVE her laugh and making her laugh is for sure my favorite hobby!
  • She’s doing MUCH better with the bottle, I think giving it to her so often last week really helped and that I need to make an effort to give her a bottle a couple times a week or more to keep it going strong
  • She falls asleep in the car seat when I go get Kye from school or take him to school. She will cry super loud and then BAM will be asleep! I’ll leave her in the seat until she wakes up (which she always does) then I’ll swaddle her and put her down for her nap. I hate that it messes up her nap time like that but I don’t really have much choice!
  • Her poop STILL isn’t the pudding type look that Kye always had, but it is back to being yellow and seedy and not runny
  • It’s hard to get her to eat because she’d rather smile and laugh at me
  • I do the football hold for the left breast. For some reason she favors the right one and it’s hard to get her to eat off the left. 
  • Every time I go into her room to wake her up she greets me with a happy grin. 
  • I’m slightly nervous about how attached Britt is to me and how much she favors breastfeeding over bottle feeding. I almost think it’d be smart for me to stay away from her for a few days before we go on our first big trip in April without her. 
  • Kye still LOVES being a big brother. He has certain things that he considers “Kye’s job” such as turning on Britt’s fan before her nap and he must help me both in putting her down and getting her up. Here we are waking Britt up! In this video you can tell that it’s not always super helpful to have him with me and that she’s not always easy to wake up 😉
  • She still needs the mylicon!
  • Brittlynn does wonderfully with her schedule but when we put her down for nap she rarely falls asleep right away. Typically she talks and laughs for up to 20 min. Here’s a video of what we see and hear on her monitor. I love those happy baby noises!
  • It’s def different with the second baby because I don’t freak out as much. I don’t feel that urgency to feed her as soon as her eyes open from her nap or as soon as the clock says it’s time. I know that a couple minutes here or there doesn’t really matter. I also don’t freak out about her napping as much either. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as hardcore about her schedule (if not more hardcore than I was with Kye) but I don’t freak out if she falls asleep in the car seat on our way home or if she stays awake her entire nap in her crib talking. 

Postpartum Update: It seems like Britt has just stolen my immune system! Ever since she was born I have gotten sick sooooo much easier and more often than I can ever remember getting sick in my LIFE. I’m taking probiotics still every day (to help her have the immunity benefits, but for myself too) yet I STILL came down with a stomach virus this week. I was sick ALL week. Like didn’t eat hardly anything for a solid five days. The upside was that I got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight! (Although I gained back 2 lb after I stopped being sick). It was not fun being sick but I’m SO thankful no one else in the family got it. Zach may have had a touch of it for a couple of days but the kids didn’t have any signs of it at ALL. Whew 😉 

You can read what was going on with Kye during week 13 here. I seriously LOVE looking back at his old posts and seeing the similarities and differences between the two of them. It’s always so interesting to me how so many things happen at exactly the same age (like the bald spot in the back!).

I’ve enjoyed these weekly posts and can’t BELIEVE it’s already time to switch to monthly ones. I’ve been writing about Britt each week since I announced my pregnancy. I hope someday she’s able to use these posts when dealing with her own pregnancy and newborn and I hope that they have been helpful to many of you as well 🙂


  1. Rachael_Copponex
    March 27, 2012 / 1:44 pm

    I only saw the black and white checkered shirt not the cow print sliver on the bottom of her pants or the hair bow.  That makes it "cowgirl" but the shirt alone I say is not cowgirl.

  2. Chelley
    March 27, 2012 / 8:14 pm

    I'm kind of sad you won't be writing about her weekly anymore too. I totally reference these posts sometimes . . . it helps SO MUCH just to make me feel normal with what I'm going through with Brenson. Has she always done tummy time well? Brenson throws a fit about 30 seconds into it, and he'll cry for as long as I make him lay there (which usually isn't too long because I hate that he hates it so much). Any tips?

  3. Emily in Iowa
    March 27, 2012 / 8:38 pm

    Can't believe how fast your little Brittlynn is growing – she gets more and more adorable and it seems like her little personality shines through so much in her pics! :)So, the doula is me is always giving unsolicited advice…I always preface it with "ignore me as you please" haha…  You mention she doesn't nurse well on the left side.  In my experience, that usually indicates that baby has a misalignment of the vertebrae in her neck (making it uncomfortable to hold her head to one side or the other).  Quite often if you watch them closely you will notice them favoring holding their head to one side or the other in other situations too (while sleeping, when they lay down their head during tummy time, etc.)  I usually see it in babies who were born by either c-section or who were posterior at birth or in the final stage of labor.  Usually one-two visits to a chiropractor who is experienced with babies (adjusting babies is VERY different and much more gentle than adjusting adults) fixes the problem and baby is comfortable on either side then.  My chiropractor up here in Iowa – which does you no good, I know! haha – doesn’t even charge for babies under 1 year old!  She believes it is so important to have babies checked out that she never wants someone to not come in because of the money, so she just sees them for free.

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