Week 11 Summary

Britt’s 11th week of life was from Feb 14th – Feb. 20th. We had a BUSY week filled with many firsts…first trip, first long car ride, first hotel stay, first time swimming, first zoo trip, first time at a restaurant, first shots, etc. Here is more that Britt was up to during this week:

Schedule: Brittlynn is on the same schedule that she was on during Week 10. Once the antibiotics were completely out of my system, Brittlynn’s nursing length went back to about an hour per feeding. Whew! 

Clothes: Britt is now legit in wearing 6 month sizes. Her three months are too SHORT. This was an issue we never had with any of Kye’s clothing. His always fit in the length but he outgrew them in the gut 😉 Her little sleeves are too short and I couldn’t even button one of her three month sized outfits!!!

Along with changing clothing sizes, she is now also in a Size 2 diaper! She had blow out after blow out in the size 1-2 so I just packed them up. I’m going to be making a diaper cake for Robyn and I have PLENTY of diapers for it thanks to how fast my little chunk has grown!!!

Had to include a pic of her with her bracelet on…I HAVE to start remembering to have her wear the dang thing!

Curl: I’m SO thankful that Britt is still hanging onto her hair 🙂 I’m pretty sure at this point Kye was bald. Britt has this one little piece of hair above her left ear that always flips up into a little curl. I kinda love it. I know someday that piece of hair will drive her nuts when she goes to fix her hair! I’m excited to see what it will do as it gets longer.

Sleeping: Britt is sleeping well and the majority of the time when I go to wake her up I find some part of her body touching the sides of the crib. I’m SO thankful we don’t use bumpers as half the time it’s her face up against the crib! We always lay her down in the dead center but somehow she wiggles her way around!

Still doing great with tummy time!

And independent playtime

Here‘s a video of her playing away!

She REALLY loves her hands now and chews on them a ton

Laughing about how deliciously yummy her hands are

I love how her face will look SO chubby sometimes and then little other times. These were taken RIGHT after eating, can you tell?

I could simply melt when she looks at me with such love in her eyes.

Seriously – this is my favorite picture yet. It makes me SO happy to look at it. She has the BIGGEST, gummiest, grin and I adore it!!!

Other Stuff Britt Was Up To This Week:

  • She’s started to come off the breast very often to look at me and smile at me, I kinda love it
  • I tried stopping the Mylicon but she still needs it at each feeding
  • If she does eat longer than an hour, I will just take her off the breast and it doesn’t seem to be an issue. She is a sleepy eater and will easily still fall asleep on the breast. Here‘s a video of her!
  • She’s started to have a FULL belly laugh and it’s hilarious! The first time she did it was in Jacksonville with her Daddy. Of course I tried to get it on video and she stopped but here is the attempt!
  • She tends to get a decent amount of ear wax…Kye was the same way. 
  • Her nose is always so congested! I started using the humidifier again until her dr appointment when Kelly told us we shouldn’t be using it. 
  • We have to wash her hair EVERY night or it’s mega greasy

Postpartum Update:

I started feeling better and was SO glad to be off the meds! I stopped pumping in the night but did have to do it in the mornings sometimes to help myself feel better. The milkies started being WAY less full and I felt like my supply was starting to even out with demand a little better. While packing and unpacking for the trip to Jax were stressful, I’m SO SO thankful we went. I really, really needed to getaway for a bit and it helped me FINALLY feel adjusted. 

I have read somewhere that the first 12 weeks of a baby’s life are like the “4th trimester” of pregnancy. I 100% agree with that statement. It’s EXACTLY how the first 12 weeks were. At six weeks I thought I’d feel adjusted, but didn’t. Then again at 8 weeks I thought it would become my norm and I’d feel fine, but didn’t. It took 12 full weeks for me to finally feel like I could handle having two kids. I understand why pretty much everyone I meet that has two children said that they planned to have more but once they had the second one they knew they were done. I get why SO many people would tell me “just wait until you have the second one” when I’d say I want at least four kids. It is TOUGH. A much tougher adjustment than I expected. It’s not like people didn’t warn me. I guess I just thought that my hardcoreness would get me through it. I was hoping to prove everyone wrong and make the transition to two kids super smooth. Make it look like a breeze. Well. That didn’t happen!!!

Having more than one child is no joke. It takes a lot of time to really fully adapt to the new family dynamic, to the new job duties as a mom. It was hard, but now I’m on the other side and omg I love it. I have heard from everyone that has more than two kids that it only gets easier after two. So Zach and I are passed the hardest part. We have two. We’ve survived the 4th trimester. We’re adjusted. We’re doing it. And we both TOTALLY are not done. Bring on more baby!!! I think I’ll be able to handle the transition from two to three kids much better than I handled one to two. I KNOW I will have to ask for help and I’m okay with that now because I’ve had to get over my pride and ask for help since having Britt. I know schedule-wise it’ll all work out, I know that the first three months of baby #3’s life will just have to be at the house and lots of sacrifices have to be made by us all. But three months, in the long run, is not very long at all and the joy a baby brings into our home is beyond worth it 🙂


  1. Ashley Troutman
    March 12, 2012 / 12:38 am

    Nan told me that going from one kid to two was tough, but two to three was not too bad because life is so crazy you barely notice it being crazy:)

  2. Robyn Mullican
    March 12, 2012 / 1:43 am

    I think that Britt is going to be like LL – she ALWAYS out grows her clothes in length.  Actually, I don't think (in 3 years) that she has ever outgrown something because of the width.  I'm so happy that  you're doing these weekly posts.  I really think that this will help me this summer as I'm making my own transition!  And it's awesome how honest you are about how hard things can be – such a great thing for other people to hear!

  3. Chelley
    March 12, 2012 / 4:18 am

    Have you tried using onesie extenders? Brenson is super long, so he is outgrowing onesies like crazy in the length, but they still fit great in the "gut". I found them on Amazon and they are working GREAT for us. Brittlynn's eyes are so beautiful! I love the chubby cheeked baby look :-). Also, Brianna had a ton of hair and never lost much of it. Brenson, on the other hand, was only born with a little and is balding very quickly! I wonder if it's a girl-boy difference since yours seem to be the same way?I was like you . . . going to so rock the 1 to 2 transition and prove everyone wrong. BUT IT'S HARD and I can totally admit that now. I'm so glad to read that things will eventually feel "normal" again. We haven't changed our minds about wanting a big family either, but it's definitely been harder than I thought it would be.  

  4. emilysparker
    March 12, 2012 / 5:21 pm

     @34d30411f26b8d26b6e9285cb86eff80 thanks for the tip on the extenders…def gonna check them out!UM YOU DID rock it!!!! I couldn't BELIEVE reading your blog about Brenson's first month. You have done WAY better so far than I did with the adjustment!!!! I'm very very impressed 😉 Aren't you shocked by how hard it is? I know I have been!!! I'm thankful that I FINALLY feel like I have it down though 😉 and of course now Britt is starting to teeth so all of that great feelings of having it handled like a pro are going out the window quick!

  5. Rachael_Copponex
    March 16, 2012 / 2:20 am

    Where is the bracelet from?  I don't remember reading about that?  She is getting so big!

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