Wedding Weekend: Pre-Rehearsal

Saturday morning we got up nice and early and headed over to the nail place to have some girl time with the mommies and bridal party! Since I’m a first-time-bridesmaid I tried to do my best alllll weekend so Mom and I made sure we were early to every event! I even beat the bride a few times haha 🙂

Mom made a coffee/stealing run

Liz was in badddd need of a pedi haha

finished toes!

bridal party: Liz, Cassandra, Chrissy and Me!

After getting our nails done we had some down time until the rehearsal so Mom and I called all the family and we all met up for lunch! Lucky me as we actually ended up eating at Zach and my FAVORITE restaurant in St. Augustine! Pizzalleys! Any time with family is SO fun and this afternoon didn’t disappoint! We couldn’t stay long as we had to get back to get ready but it was a nice little break together and some YUMMY food for sure. It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it!

the boys played Hangman with Susi to guess her boyfriend’s name haha

Susi, Zach and Me!

Liz and Jason (my cousin) even got to come (he was the best man so he had more duties than the rest of us). We got to meet Liz last summer at our family picnic and I LOVE her. Sometimes you just meet people and instantly love them and Liz is one of those type of people. She just lights up a room and is so sweet and fun. It’s rare to see a couple that you can just TELL are meant to be together but Jason and Liz are for sure! They both have those bubbly (sometimes a little goofy) personalities and they just click! I love spending time with them and I hope we get to hang out more in the future. I see some visits to Tampa in our future 🙂

While rushing around afterward getting ready for the rehearsal Danielle text me and said she got engaged!!! I literally screamed and am SO pumped for her! We’ve talked about alllll her wedding plans for years now and I can’t wait to help her make all of her dreams a reality. I’ve only met Jonathan twice but they are so happy together and so perfect! She’s started a blog to follow all her wedding planning (which I’m totally jealous of and wish I’d been able to do when I was a bride!) you can check it out here! I’m SO excited to help her with the planning process and to see her get married, she’ll be a beautiful bride!

Next up the Rehearsal!

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  1. Lindsay and Willis
    March 15, 2010 / 7:12 pm

    I'm proud of you for taking so many photos… esp. group pictures! Sometimes I feel embarrassed to get everyone to look and smile, but its always worth it! Snap away!!!

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