Vday in PCB Part 2

You can read about Part 1 of our Valentine’s Day celebration here! After naps we went ahead and decided to open our Valentine’s Day presents. Zach had to go back to work that evening and we wanted to make sure to have enough time to do it as a family. Yes, we brought our Valentine’s Day box with us to Panama City πŸ™‚ Yall know me and my traditions!!! We can’t have Valentine’s Day without it!!!

I am ALWAYS the one taking the pictures but this time I asked Zach to take them for me so I could be in on the action. My method of picture taking is to take a lot throughout the event…Zach’s method was take a bunch of the kids opening their first present then just put the camera away haha

Confession: I might have wrapped up a gift that G-Mama gave Britt last year for Valentine’s Day or Easter or some other holiday and given it to her again. I mean surely she doesn’t remember?

 Kye wrote BOTH of our Valentine’s for us!!! All by himself! Kid has some writing skills πŸ˜‰

 Yup…it’s almost time for some potty training πŸ˜‰

 Potty Seat for her baby doll!

 I bought these shoes on our UOT trip and just saved them for Valentine’s Day!

With my foot issues I have turned my ugg style boots into “house shoes.” I have pain if I walk around the house with barefeet so I literally wear those boots from the minute I wake up until the minute I go to bed. Since they are ruined (Levi got into some chocolate at Britt’s birthday party and puked all over them…so gross) I told Zach that I need new ones as a Valentine’s Day gift. I know that’s not romantic but we are trying to “spend smart” and I didn’t think buying myself $30 boots made any sense when our budget for VDay is $30 anyways! So Zach just gave me a card to open and inside the card he wrote “order your boots” haha

 Here’s the boots when they arrived πŸ™‚ Found ’em on sale at Target!

Leading up to our trip I asked Zach to pick up some Valentine’s Day treats for the kids. I mean like little cheap prizes they always sell around holiday time. Instead Zach bought them both a small box of chocolates? Did he forget who he is married to? haha! We let Kye eat one from his box (then I tossed the rest) and Zach ate Britt’s b/c duh I’m not letting her have candy!

I am still a cool mom though because the kids each ate a cookie that Kye and I had decorated that morning! It was their afternoon snack πŸ™‚

 Gotta have a hotel room picture!

Even though it was under 50 degrees outside we decided to brave the outdoor pool. It was HEATED so I figured we’d be fine, right? Notsomuch. The pool water was an okay temp (still not what I’d expect for a heated pool) but the outside temps and wind factor made it pretty unbearable. Zach and Kye headed for the hot tub but I didn’t think Britt was old enough for the hot tub yet??? I’m not sure what is a safe age for that? I honestly didn’t even feel that comfortable with Kye going in it! We all lasted under 15 min. Poor Britt’s lips started turning blue so I was DONE! They did enjoy it while it lasted though!

Zach had to head back to work so I was solo parenting it up for the rest of the evening. The kids had fun playing “work” for a little bit. But then Britt got SUPER fussy. She still has a bit of a witching hour around 5ish and it was tough to keep her entertained in our room. I even turned on a tv show which is SO unlike me. I found some random show about hippos? Britt watched for maybe three min but then just kept being upset πŸ™ I felt bad. I felt even worse when Zach found out the next morning that the people in the room next to us MOVED ROOMS due to hearing Britt’s crying! Oops!

 I ended up feeding them a SUPER early dinner 

 Then we finished out the evening by watching this BEAUTIFUL sunset!!!!

 It was FREEZING. So we were all snuggled/bundled up. But both kids were not really cooperating very well. It def wasn’t the most peaceful sunset of my life haha!

Once inside we headed for the bathtub and I TOTALLY should have thought to stick them in the bath earlier. Ohmygoodness. They had a BLAST. I ended up putting Britt down a little late for bedtime because I just couldn’t take her out of the tub. After her being fussy for a solid 45 min or so it was SO NICE to see her SO HAPPY. She loved being a “big girl” and not using her bath seat. I had brought a toy duck for each kid and a toy animal for each kid. They did an awesome job playing together, sharing, and having fun! Here’s a video! Other than having to remind Britt to sit down like 1,000 times it really was such a great time and a wonderful way to end the day!

Once Britt was in bed I let Kye watch a little bit of a movie on our dvd player from the car while we waited on Zach to get back to the room to tuck him in together. Usually at home we play a game together but I only brought some cards and wanted to save the card game for the next night when Zach would be able to play too. Kye had been SO AMAZING when Britt was fussing. He was helpful, easy going, and just an angel so the movie treat was WELL deserved for sure! Plus it kept him nice and quiet while Britt was settling into sleep in the next room!

Once the kids were in bed it was time for our VDay date night! Zach picked up Longhorn on his way to the hotel from work so we rigged up The Office (we’re on Season 8 now…SO SAD that we’re almost done!!!!) to watch while we chowed down πŸ™‚

 They have an AMAZING parmesan crusted chicken sandwich! 

At home our video monitor is set up where we can’t actually see Kye’s face while he sleeps. I kept watching the monitor because it was so sweet to see him sleeping for a change. He’s so precious and such a blessing to me!

I really, really loved traveling with Zach for work!!! It was AWESOME. Sure, it was a little tough to keep the kids well entertained in the hotel room but I made it work and it was well worth it for us all to be together! Zach took off work the next day so we could have a family day too πŸ™‚ We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day for sure! We didn’t let a little cold weather ruin our fun!

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  1. Danielle
    March 20, 2013 / 4:49 pm

    Such sweet pics of Britt on the bed! She looks SO HAPPY!!!!

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