Under The Sea Halloween

Disney has had a deal for 2009 where you can get free admission on your birthday. Duh, I totally wanted to take advantage of that offer! Since my bday is the day after Halloween we decided to stay in Orlando for the weekend and all get dressed up for Halloween in a group and go to eat at Downtown Disney. I got us an awesome deal to stay in a condo down there and Mom drove over to join us and to keep Kye while Zach, Ashley and I went to Disney! Zach, Ashley, Kye and I went down Friday night to get all settled in at the condo.

The tub was so big Kye loved it (and pooped in it the next night opps!)

On Saturday Mom came and Zach and I had to go on the timeshare presentation. Afterwards we all got ready in our costumes! We decided to go to Planet Hollywood for dinner because it was the cheapest place they had down there and because it’s movie themed and I love movies!

Here are each of us in our awesome costumes!!!! Introducing….

Ashley as Ariel

Zach as King Tritan

Emily as Sebastian

Jody as Scuttle

and Kye as Prince Eric!

It was a really fun night! Of course it was like 80 degrees on Halloween which we didn’t expect so we may have been a little sweaty (especially Mom!) but it was all worth it!

Before going in to dinner!

Great group shot!!!

Dinner went great, we walked right in and got a table which was wonderful! Kye behaved pretty well but it was a little tough for him because he didn’t nap good earlier in the day and so he got pretty fussy. It was super funny b/c we’d each take turns walking around with him and people would stare and stare at us. You’d think, it being Halloween and all, that a bunch of people would be dressed up but nope! We were some of the only adults I saw dressed up at all!

We all got hamburgers and a free appetizer for dinner (Kye had some bananas that they charged me $1 for!). They even brought out free dessert for the birthday girl! Yay!

After dinner we walked through Downtown Disney and it was so funny how much attention Mom got! Her costume really did turn out so great, she could probably sell it on Ebay! She got asked several times if people could get a picture of her. Lots of people even thought she worked there! Of course, only one person actually realized she was a sea gull. EVERYONE thought she was a chicken! She ate that junk up and was pushing Kye through the crowds doing a chicken dance haha. Someone even asked if she was the chicken and Kye was the egg…kinda a good costume idea actually 🙂 Other than all of Mom’s chicken attention it was also really funny when a group of kids saw Zach and thought he was dressed up as God. They said “He’s our Lord!” hahahaha

Kye taking a break in Downtown Disney

Kye goes to bed pretty early so we headed on back to the condo to celebrate my birthday! Since we’d be at the park all day on my real birthday we wanted to be able to celebrate all together that night.

pretty bag 🙂

my yummy yummy cake from Mom!

milk toast (and diet pepsi for ash!)

Mom and Ashley (Zach and I waited to do gifts from him until we got home) got me super cute “grown-up” clothes from New York and Company! I loved them all! Here I am showing off a new necklace 🙂

It was a fun night and a great first Halloween for Kye and birthday celebration for me! We planned on staying up and playing games but we were all so tired we talked for a bit then crashed! Had to get up early for a Disney filled birthday 🙂

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  1. Rona
    October 28, 2012 / 2:03 am

    I'm stopping by today from Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life. While I no longer have any little ones at home I do enjoy seeing the kids in their costumes. It seems people are more creative. Have a Happy Halloween!

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