The Rest of Christmas

No weekly pregnancy update today!!! Zach is being inducted into the Southeast Territory Aflac Hall of Fame so I’m traveling with him to Columbus to participate in the event πŸ™‚ I def plan to have it up tomorrow though!!!

We are probably going to have to start waking up earlier on Christmas morning! We were SO late getting over to Big Daddy’s for breakfast! But I do think all of our surprises made us take longer than normal too and I’m super glad we didn’t let the clock cause us to rush. We truly savored our morning and treasured our time together…which is what Christmas morning is all about!

This sign greeted us when we got to Big Daddy’s haha. I guess not everyone wanted to share the sickness love πŸ˜‰

Barry was super crunk about this gift, I have no clue what it was haha

We do a Secret Santa exchange with everyone at Big Daddy’s and Zach got Cole this year. He wrapped his present (a gift card) in SO much random stuff. And then covered that in duck tape. It was a LONG series of Cole trying to get to his present!

 Britt had a few important phone calls to make πŸ™‚

Usually on Christmas morning I’m ALL about getting dressed in cute Christmas outfits. Not this year. Between everyone being sick, us running late, and me just not having any energy: we all went over in our pjs πŸ™‚

 Cole still opening

 Britt was such a helper!

 Little Mama loved her hat!

We are SO blessed. I love moments like these πŸ™‚ 

Once we got home it was nap time. Kye woke up early from nap then promptly reminded me that we did NOT eat Christmas cookies for breakfast like we are supposed to on Christmas morning. Mom fail. It’s like my favorite thing about Christmas morning too!!! Next year FOR SURE it’s happening πŸ™‚ He had his cookie fill for a snack to make up for it!

Once Britt woke up it was time to do our little traditions at our house for Christmas πŸ™‚ First up, find the pickle in the tree. I should have let Zach hide it. I hid it TOO well and no one could find it haha!

 With lots of hints and a good game of “hot and cold” Kye was the winner πŸ™‚

(the prize was new glow sticks for the bath tub so really they both got to enjoy it!)

 I saw this every year but I LOVE having gifts to open under our tree πŸ™‚ It’s so nice that Dad and Audrey send us the gifts in advance and we have a little mini Christmas opening those goodies πŸ™‚ They are so thoughtful and did GREAT!!!

 Crunk about his personalized Lightning McQueen jacket!

 She LOVES her Minnie Mouse!

 Calling Grandpa to thank him and talk…the hand on the hip is so classic Emily that I had to snap a pic πŸ˜‰

Lastly, it was stocking time! We opened our gifts we all had gotten from each other. I’m thankful for Zach who wrapped pretty much all of these gifts for me since I was so sick. I’m so thankful for such an amazing husband who steps up! I’m sure most men would have said “that’s so stupid. just put them in the stocking and don’t wrap them” πŸ™‚

Holidays are hard. I miss my family. I miss being with everyone. I know so many others have a similar hurt at the holidays. And that hurt is also a blessing b/c it makes you appreciate everything so much more. I truly LOVE the down time with my little family. While I hate I don’t get to see my family, it’s also awesome just having a full week of CHILL MODE. We unload all the presents from the car and then take our time opening everything. Really it’s like Christmas morning all over again b/c the kids aren’t able to actually play with stuff and Mrs. Charlotte’s! We spend several days with our house overflowing with toys! The kids play, we relax, and I clean out old stuff to make way for the new πŸ™‚

 Mommy fail again. We forgot to put up the last day of our calendar on Christmas Eve!

 Rockin’ his new pjs and loving his new “car city”

 Christmas tradition: Chinese food for dinner (and legit the only day of the year I eat it!)

Each toy we opened the kids were SO excited about. All of their gifts probably got played with more during that time span than they ever will again haha. Toy opening should be a legit career. It’s a BEAST. You’d think by now they’d have an easier way? The only company I have found who has made it easier to get the dang toy out is Fisher Price. Everyone else makes you suffer for it! 

Tell me this is not adorable!

 Sweet brother putting on sister’s “lip stick” haha

(totally going in the wedding video one day for him!)

When I asked for advice on what to get for Kye this year Magnatiles was the BIG answer. I hadn’t ever heard of them?!?! And they are SO expensive. Zach and I talked about it and decided to go for it (it was obviously not in the budget) and I’m so glad we did. They are AWESOME.

 Britt’s creation…she’s so proud πŸ˜‰

Zach spoiled me over the break. He did a lot of cooking and let me do a lot of resting. It was awesome πŸ™‚ He loves to make feasts and our new tradition is for him to make a feast for us on Dec 26th! This years didn’t disappoint and I love getting to use the Christmas china πŸ™‚

 More fun with Magnatiles

 Putting together his first “big kid” Lego set. Zach was in Heaven! He was a hardcore Lego Kid growing up!

Zach also took the kids on plenty of golf cart rides over the break. They love riding the golf cart and they especially love getting to go to the playground with Daddy! Since my foot injury I have to limit my walking so I, legit, have only been on a walk down there ONCE since Oct 2012!!!! The golf cart is def going to make it more possible for us to enjoy the park more πŸ™‚

 Laser tag also was a big fun thing over the break!

As you can tell, we had a SUPER chill Christmas and it was wonderful. The kids being a little older is so fun because they truly play together and enjoy all the gifts we spend so much time (and money too!) picking out for them!

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