Summer Recap: Week 5

This is a recap of our 5th week of summer. We got back from the Parker Family Trip on Monday June 15th so this covers Tuesday June 16th through Friday June 19th πŸ™‚ 

I feel like I’ve never taken my kids out and about as much as I do now that I have three. Which is interesting to me. Because it would be WAY easier to just take one or two kids out rather than three right?!?! But I think this has to do with the older two being at ages where they bicker. Going out places stops the bickering from happening. It also has to do with how easy going Tess is. She has a great go-with-the-flow temperament which makes going out a pure joy with her! It’s stressful taking them all places and I’d def still rather run errands solo…but we make it work quite a bit now and it’s always an adventure!

Conquering Target!

Of course it started DOWNPOUR raining when we went to leave! And I didn’t have any type of umbrella or anything. We made it work with our plastic bags πŸ˜‰ 

Ever so often I have some random creepy thing happen from the blog. This week I had someone contact me from Canada to let me know that my husband is on a dating site. Well. Thankfully my husband and I have mega trust in our relationship because I knew right away that it wasn’t actually my husband. Sorry ladies! The girl was nice enough to send me a screen shot of the guys profile and then also sent me the picture of the actual guy who had the account once she found out who he was. I mean why lie and then send a different picture of yourself once you start chatting? And it’s not like the real guy has any reason to use a fake picture! Anyways if you EVER see Zach on any type of dating sight please let me know! This is the 2nd time someone has used pictures from my blog to catfish him! Just a reminder to anyone who is considering using any images from my blog without permission: it’s a crime!

When the kids and I made our plans for summer Kye’s big thing he really wanted to do was have a lemonade stand. He talks about it all the time. He has a natural entrepreneur spirit which I’m very proud of! I want to foster that in him as it’ll raise him to be a great provider someday for his family. It is SO HOT here so we set up the stand first thing when Tess went down for her morning nap and lucked out that the corner of our front yard is a busy corner as well as a spot with some shade πŸ™‚ 

Britt’s future husband better be ready for her enjoyment of spending. Girl is always wanting to break into her piggy bank to support her brother’s business ventures πŸ˜‰ I had to limit what she could spend and she enjoyed her three cups of lemonade and bookmark. 

The business was BOOMING. We ran out of lemonade and had to go make more within 30 minutes of opening the stand and he made $13.50 in only 45 minutes. I mean maybe Zach is in the wrong business!?!?! It was a big success and Kye had a great time! He made sure to set aside his earnings to give to the Lord and to also pay his sister for her help πŸ™‚ We need to open him a bank account because his piggy bank is getting too full from all his earnings!

I really enjoy our yearly strawberry patch visit and kept seeing on social media about people picking blueberries. I use blueberries almost daily in my smoothies (so good to help lose belly fat!) and they ain’t cheap so I thought going for a picking outing would be a fun way to stock up! 

Casey, of course, was in to come with and we decided to load up one afternoon and find this little hole in the wall place Robyn knew about. We struggled BIG TIME to find it. Finally got there and I got Tess out of her seat to realize she was COVERED in poop. Which quickly turned into me being covered in poop. Lovely. 

Thankfully Casey is a lover of layers and had on two tank tops. I did a quick change in the back of my car and rolled with it. I didn’t ever look at myself and got home that night and Zach kept saying how sexy I looked. Finally looked in the mirror and realized it was one of those baggy tanks that totally revealed EVERYTHING from the side. Guess the blueberry farm owners got quite the show hahaha

It was an odd situation as it was someones home. We finally realized what to do and got to picking. Picking blueberries is WORK guys. They are TINY. 

“who likes picking blueberries?”

God bless Britt. She is so my child in so many ways. It was hot. And hard work. And there were gnats like crazy and for some reason they especially loved her. To say she was miserable was an understatement. Girl will never want to go pick blueberries again!

So many screams and tears haha

It may have been hot and hard work but that didn’t stop Kye. He is just such a worker and enjoys working no matter what the circumstances. I’m glad he was there because he picked majority of our blueberries for me while I dealt with the girls!

In the end we only got half a bucket full but it was SO cheap. I really wanted to go back again but never got the chance. I did find out they open at 7 am so next summer I plan to go bright and early and probably just with Kye so we can get it done fast and get more. They also sold pre-picked buckets and I regret not just buying one of those too bc they were still WAY cheaper than the store prices! Instead of growing so much corn, Mr. Rusty should grow blueberries πŸ˜‰

Every week, if you haven’t noticed by now, I am trying to make something new for the kids. I love freezer-friendly things as I can store them to use later. My goal for this summer was to have some nutritious options for Kye’s lunch once school starts as well as have some easy-healthy options for Tess. This one is more of a toddler/baby food as the big kids weren’t crazy about the amount of spinach in them! Here’s the recipe for Cauliflower Spinach Bites!

I know pools may not add a lot of resale value to a home but MAN it’s SO worth having one. We LIVE in our pool in the summer and both of our big kids are amazing swimmers. Tess even has a natural love for the water! My only regret is that we didn’t do a beach access to the pool (the gradual slope to enter the pool) and I do think someday we may do some additions on the pool if we stay here forever and have our other items checked off our “house to do” list!

While in PCB with the fam Gap Factory had their HUGE 40% off everything deal that I looooove. I was pretty bummed that I missed it but decided to hit it up asap when we got back in hopes of still finding some good deals. I think missing the big sale actually worked in my favor. SO much for under $2. I went a little crazy! I think I’d call this some good “me time” wouldn’t you? πŸ™‚

Zach cracks me up because whenever I’m away from home he always gets creative in the kitchen. I cook but I don’t really love cooking and have to follow a recipe whereas Zach is all about creating random new recipes. And he takes pictures of them and sends them to me haha. He made a chicken parmesan sub out of some garlic bread we had πŸ˜‰

That’s it for week 5!

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