Babywise and the 4 Month Sleep Regression: What To Do

Let’s talk about dealing with 4 month sleep regression when you’re following the Babywise method. First of all: 4 Month Sleep Regression. Yes, it’s a thing. I never knew it was a thing though until… View Post

Weaning from the Swaddle (Crazy Sleeper!)

Swaddling is one of those parent things that I do NOT understand how some people don’t do it?!?! ALL babies sleep better when swaddled! I’m so, so thankful I learned about swaddling (I actually remember… View Post

Britt’s Summary of Month 4

This is Britt’s first officially monthly summary! While I didn’t really have enough stuff to cover weekly posts anymore…it sure is a hassle to have SO much to write for a monthly one. Oh well,… View Post