Water Safety Swim Lessons For Kids: Spear’s Survival Swim Experience

Water Safety Swim Lessons For Kids: Spear’s Survival Swim Experience. I am a HUGE believer in the benefits of water safety swim lessons and each of my four children have taken part in a survival… View Post

Tess Survival Swim – Tiny Bubbles

Water safety is something Zach and I believe very strongly in. Of course, having a pool, it’s a MUST DO for our family but even just visiting other pools or bodies of water it’s such… View Post

Britt’s Swim 2015

Every year since Kye took his survival swim course at Tiny Bubbles I’ve been a HUGE believer in their program and in swim education for our children.  Britt also did survival swim and Tess will… View Post

Britt’s Survival Swim at Tiny Bubbles!

We did survival swim with Kye when he was a little over 2 years old. You can read ALL the details of his experience as well as the IMPORTANCE of survival swim lessons in this… View Post

Survival Swim – Tiny Bubbles

This post covers Kye’s survival swim experience.  The house my parents lived in when I was born had a pool in the backyard. From an early age I’ve been in the water and I love… View Post