Super Siblings Class

One of the classes offered at the hospital that I’ve been most excited about is the Sibling Class. My mom and I took Kye when I was pregnant with Britt and you can read about… View Post

TLC and CPR Class

Last night Zach and I attended the infant CPR course at the hospital. We have taken it each time I am pregnant. It’s a free course offered by the hospital and I feel it’s essential… View Post

Breastfeeding Basics Class: Round 2

As all of you know, I breastfed Kye exclusively for 10 months (and had enough milk frozen to last him until a little over 11 months old). I was not a natural when it came… View Post

Sibling Class at SGMC

Last pregnancy Zach and I attended every pregnancy class offered by our hospital, except one. The “Mommy’s having a baby!” class if for children who are going to be big brothers and/or sisters. Of course… View Post

My Breastfeeding Story

Zach and I took the available classes and I read several books on the subject so we felt pretty prepared. Well, even preparation doesn’t prepare you for the reality! My problem with breastfeeding really is… View Post