Team Parker

Whew! Posting this makes it SO REAL and makes my heart beat out of my chest. This is a decision we’ve been praying about and adoption is something we truly feel CALLED to do. We… View Post

Finding Out About #3!

It was SO exciting announcing our news yesterday to everyone! Thank you for all the sweet well-wishes and congratulations…it’s going to be a fun blog topic for sure 😉  Zach and I are very planned… View Post

Announcing Baby Bacon!

Keeping this BIG Baby News has been soooooo hard for me! I had MANY of yall contact me and say you thought I was pregnant b/c I kept posting up stuff about pregnancy and baby… View Post

Bacon Halloween Party

With the success of the Crazy Hat Party Casey and I were pretty excited. We realized that the fam will participate in themed events! They may need a little pushing but they will do it… View Post

Finding Out About #2

I know everyone is excited for our news and I’ve been getting comment after comment wanting to know MORE. You know me, this pregnancy will not be lacking in details 🙂 I was planning to… View Post