NYC Girl’s Trip 2018: Part 2

You can read the first part of our trip here! Our plans kinda shifted and changed for Monday. Originally my like biggest thing I wanted to do on the trip was go to Good Morning… View Post

NYC Girl’s Trip 2018: Part 1

Back last year sometime Lindsay and I went to brunch together and started talking about travel and trips and came up with the idea to do a girl’s trip to NYC. It grew and evolved… View Post

NYC Day 3

When we first decided to go to New York I really only wanted to stay three nights. On Aflac trips I’m fine without the kids for the first couple of days, but towards the end… View Post

NYC Day 2: Freezing!

I used to be one of those people who didn’t value sleeping in. I especially didn’t understand why someone would go on vacation and then just sleep?!?! What a waste of a trip! You can… View Post

NYC Day 1

In many, many ways Zach and I are still as cheap and frugal as we were in college. Somethings, however, we have started to say are “worth the money.” Flying out of Valdosta is one… View Post