A Day In The Life: March 2015

I’ve seen several other bloggers over the years do a “day in the life” type post. I’ve never done one before but thought that now would be a good time to start! I know my… View Post

Life With Three

When I got pregnant with my third baby people constantly asked me if I was ready for the craziness that #3 would bring. They told me I’d for sure be giving up on my scheduled lifestyle.… View Post

Babywise With Three Kids: How It Makes Juggling Life Easier

Is Babywise possible with three kids? You bet! As a matter of fact, it actually makes things easier. I recently gave birth to my third baby. When you enter the world of three kids, people… View Post

Third Time’s A… Charm or a Curse?

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Guest Blogger: Life with Three

I am NOT pregnant with baby #3 but we know we want a third (and a fourth and maybe even more after that!) and I hear people CONSTANTLY talk about how the third is the… View Post