Handing Discipline Issues With Children Who Aren’t Yours

Playdates are wonderful. They are an opportunity for our children to learn and practice social skills. They are a chance for them to develop friendships. An opportunity to play with children outside of their siblings.… View Post

The Value of Your Tribe

The Value of Your Tribe We all remember high school. The struggle of finding friends. How much you valued those friendships. The reality is, high school never truly ends. And finding friends as a mom?… View Post

Finding Friends and Keeping Them

Today I’m linking up with Kelly’s Korner as part of the “Build ‘Em Up” series! All of my life I have been more of a one-on-one type of friend rather than a big group of… View Post

Types of Mom Friends

I love all the parenting magazines I get and enjoy most of the articles. I do, however, fall behind in my reading of them. We keep all the magazines by the toilet (best place to… View Post