Ridemakerz: You Buy The Parts, They Build the Memories!

Y’all may remember from this post how PUMPED Zach and I were about surprising Kye at Disney World with the Ridemakerz experience as his big birthday present. We were so bummed that the Downtown Disney Marketplace renovation going on when we visited meant that the Ridemakerz area was closed for now. We came up with another solution for his birthday gift this year and knew we could surprise him with the Ridemakerz experience some other time. I mean getting to select your own car parts, build your own car, and then keep your own car is something a kid of any age would love! 

About a month ago I got an email from Ridemakerz. They had seen my post about our disappointment and offered to send us some Ridez as part of their current Father’s Day promotion! In my almost 6 years of blogging I have NEVER been so excited about an opportunity as I have been about this one! At first I was going to keep it as a surprise for Zach but then when we were able to choose the cars and parts we wanted for the kids I knew he’d want to be involved in that process. He was SO excited and we seriously kept checking the mail anxiously awaiting the arrival of the cars! 

Their website is super user friendly and it’s VERY easy to choose what kind of car you want and what accessories you want to go with it. You can choose everything on your own OR buy pre-chosen packs that have all the parts together already for you. For the Father’s Day promotion they have going on now they make it SUPER easy by offering Father’s Day Kits that are pre-packaged with a Ride both for Dad and Child. I LOVE that they aren’t just focusing on fathers and sons…but also fathers and daughters as well. AND they have an awesome deal right now for 50% off! 

We went to the beach over Memorial Day weekend and decided to bring the Ridez along with us and surprise the kids with them there. I had Zach open the boxes and see if we needed to bring any tools or batteries with us and he was so pleasantly surprised that they literally include EVERYTHING you need! Tool to put everything together as well as batteries! 

Ready to open the boxes!!!

Each car kid came in it’s own book bag…which was another neat touch. All the parts were individually bubble wrapped and in simple to open packages. And I love the book bags because we are able to store our completed cars in them to keep them organized!

They have an option to turn your ride into a remote control car which, duh, we were hardcore about doing! If you don’t do the remote control option it’s still really neat as the car lights up and makes noises and such! Britt actually has enjoyed her car better without using the remote control feature but Kye and Zach LOVE racing theirs so I’d for sure say it’s worth the added expense to add the remote control option (and it’s included in the discount deal right now!), especially if you have an older child and/or a husband ๐Ÿ˜‰

All the parts ready to put together!

 Britt’s Ride…tell me that pink isn’t SO adorable?!?!

Zach’s favorite thing about the design is how the company really has thought of everything! They include a tool that looks like a key and it works to put the entire thing together AND to change out the batteries even! You can also use a screwdriver for the batteries so you don’t have to keep up with the key…but it’s such a neat tool and a smart way to design it. Britt is OBSESSED with her key. She carried it in her pocket our entire trip and continues to carry it around the house now that we are home ๐Ÿ™‚

The time span to assemble the Ride is also great for young kids. It’s very, very simple and very, very quick. Most of the pieces simply snap on and can be changed out anytime you want! It’s long enough to make it a FUN experience, but short enough to not have boredom strike! Plus it was so simple that there was no frustration from Daddy over it all either which is always a plus ๐Ÿ™‚

 Putting it to the test!

 I added a couple of the stickers to make it an “ice cream” pink car ๐Ÿ™‚

 Kye’s turn! Zach and I KNEW he’s LOVE the police car!

Kye is five and he is such a great age to truly enjoy this experience and gift. I do really think he’d love it when he’s older too and having this experience has made us even MORE hardcore about getting to do it in person once the location reopens at Disney! It was easy enough for him to do on his own and he really took such pride in being able to assemble his own car. We LOVED surprising him with this opportunity and he was THRILLED!!! 

 Don’t mind his bed head beach hair haha! 

I think Kye’s was probably the coolest one…the lights on top are a magnet so they can come off if needed and they do light up. Also the blue thing on the hood is a button to press for the lights and sounds which Britt enjoys a lot on her car while Kye really mostly uses the remote control feature for his to race it!

Another super smart way they designed the cars is that they have three different settings you can sync with the remotes so that way the remotes only work for that specific car rather than having issues with the remotes working for them all!

 Best Father’s Day gift/experience EVER!!!

As I mentioned earlier, the cars included new batteries to use for them…but even with brand new batteries Kye played with his so much that they are almost dead already!!! Every single minute that we were in our beach condo that weekend he was playing with his Ride. Britt carried hers around the entire time too and treated it like a baby doll, putting it to bed haha. Zach might have been even more excited than Kye was about his. It truly has been a gift they can enjoy TOGETHER which I love!!! It’s really as simple as their tagline says: “You buy the parts…they build the memories!”

I know how tricky it is every year to find that perfect Father’s Day present. Ridemakerz has truly made it SO SIMPLE for Mom! You just visit their site, select the kit you want to purchase, enjoy the discount of 50% off, and then sit back and enjoy seeing your husband and children make such great memories together! My FAVORITE gifts are experience presents. I love something that has a memory attached to it as it always makes it more meaningful and these ridez are def an experience my children and husband won’t soon forget! Be sure to order by June 5th to get the delivery in time for Father’s Day!!! You can also keep up with all the new Ridez available and discounts throughout the year by liking their Facebook Page !

 Here are a couple of the kits included in the current Father’s Day Promotion!

 That pink one just is so adorable to me…def my personal favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

I am so, so thankful to Ridemakerz for giving us the amazing opportunity to have such a fun experience together and to have such awesome cars to enjoy! Zach and I have both been so impressed with every aspect of this company and blown away by their products. By far the best remote control cars we’ve ever seen (Kye has already owned several and none of them come CLOSE to this quality or speed!).  Be sure to check them out and get your Ridez! It’s the perfect gift for any occasion but this Father’s Day deal is too awesome to pass up ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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