Putt-Putt in St. Augustine

After some time watching boats we headed over to the St. Augustine Outlets to do some shopping. We both felt bad for Kye as it wasn’t a fun outing for him but he behaved so well! We got some deals but nothing worth bragging about…Kye got rewarded for his good behavior with a ride (well…a stationary ride b/c you know we didn’t have any change to do it legit!).

We rushed back to eat lunch (consisting of left overs) and get Kye in the bed for nap. Daddy and I enjoyed a nice nap too and when we all got up we headed out for some putt-putt. Yes, at 3:30 in the afternoon. In July. In Florida. It was BEYOND hot but we knew Kye would enjoy it! I also enjoy that my husband thinks it’s fun to match outfits with Kye 😉

I LOVE him in hats!

 Not only did Zach forget to pack a bathing suit…he also forgot to pack a belt for the trip so he ghetto rigged a rope the whole time!

anytime we go into caves and such a fam picture is a must – this time it was a pirate ship!

 love this face

I let the boys play and I just relax and watch!

 Doesn’t he have such pretty eye lashes?

enjoyed a snack break to watch the ducks

 Mommy’s turn to play!

 Of course Zach made a hole-in-one

flower fashion accessory

Kye didn’t make it through all 18 holes, he got hot and just wanted his snacks so we ended up leaving earlier than planned. I was proud of Zach because that’s life with a toddler and sometimes it’s hard when things don’t go exactly how we envisioned them ya know? I know a big thing I’ve read about Disney World is that kids may not love it. They may be scared of the rides that you were most excited for them to ride but that you just have to roll with it and make it fun for them which in return makes it fun for everyone! Kye was over putt-putt so we didn’t force him to keep going, he played over 9 holes which is good for a 2 year old in the heat and we didn’t mind getting an early start on dinner 🙂

We had a local coupon book and decided to pick a place from their for dinner. We typically have a hard time finding places to eat in St. Augustine. I know there are TONS of choices, we just must choose wrong. This time we tried an Italian place called Amici. I ate their for my 21st birthday with my dad…but that was a long time ago and it’s changed. It was disgusting. Worst Italian I’ve probably ever had, especially because I’m not even picky with pasta! Neither of us enjoyed the food and we will not be going back – anyone have good suggestions of places for us to eat next year???

 I did find the title of one of the menu items entertaining 😉

A DQ stop was in order after such a nasty meal! Z enjoyed his dip cone

 I, duh, enjoyed a Blizzard

and Kye his sundae!

Timing and all worked out great because we planned to worship as a family that evening before Kye’s bed time. We left DQ and sang songs about Jesus on the way back to the hotel. Kye loved it! We read Bible stories, sang more, prayed, and took Lord’s Supper in the room before tucking him into bed. It was a great way to end the day!

sweet, happy boy!


  1. Jessica Lovett
    July 28, 2011 / 8:13 pm

    When I went to St. Augustine a few years ago I found the Saltwater Cowboy. Their food was so good!! 

  2. Ashley Troutman
    July 28, 2011 / 8:17 pm

    We went there for New Year's one year and ate several times at Harry's Seafood Bar & Grill.  It was close to our hotel, so it was walking distance for us to get breakfast and dinner…I remember it being pretty good!

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