Pumpkin Patch 2015

There are so many fun traditions tied to every holiday! I personally REALLY love our tradition of going to a local pumpkin patch, taking pictures and picking out our family pumpkin. I’m less about the actual pumpkin carving and displaying than I am about the experience of choose it. I love opportunities to take pics of my kids and to watch them have fun. It’s a super simple tradition but I love it 🙂 The church where we get out pumpkins is on the way to our church so it’s also always easy to make it happen on the way to church! We also have learned to WAIT to pick a pumpkin (as well as carve it) until super close to Halloween. South Georgia weather is not pumpkin friendly and we’ve had ’em rot on us on more than one occasion!

This year Tess has JUST started walking so it was an extra fun and crazy experience! Our world has been rocked by a walking toddler for sure!!!

I LOVE the stage where they hold on and walk…it’s so sweet to me and such a reminder of how soon they will be letting go 🙂 I was also pumped to be wearing some legit shoes (foot update here!). 

You can look back at our past pumpkin patch pics here (side note but how fun is it to see how many years we’ve been a family?! best years of my life!):

2014 (Britt was wearing the same top! Ha! And I love how much her smile has improved!)






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