Picture Crazy

On Sunday we had Kye’s first photo shoot! My plan is to get it done 4 times this year then twice a year after that. I know they change a lot the first year and I’m hardcore about pictures..I love them but I’m not good at taking them so hiring someone just works out best.

Autumn did such a great job on the delivery room pictures that we used her again for the baby pics…and I ADORE them! Here is the link to them (it will also be in the top right corner of the blog for easy access).

Almost all of them are my favorites but here are the best of the best in my eyes!

I ordered his birth announcements and will be sending them out sometime next week so check your mailbox 🙂

Also now is a good time to mention…I may be a HUGE picture taker but I have vowed not to overwhelm everyone with a million pictures of my baby. Yes, to me he is precious. To me, all the pictures are super adorable. I could look at him all day! But to you, he’s just another baby! Cute for a second but who wants to see a million pictures of some baby? I will not be putting up EVERY picture I take on here or on Facebook!

I have, however, created a Picasa site for those of you (MOM is probably the only one!) that would like to see every single picture I take! The link is located in the top right corner of the blog, but here is a link as well:

I will add pictures to it as I take them so check it often!

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