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When Tess was born I wanted to have her newborn photos done as quickly as we could. Britt was WIDE awake for her newborn photos and I was hoping that having Tess take them younger maybe she’d sleep through them. Spoiler alert: I was wrong haha. Lindsay, from Captured by Colson no longer does newborn photo shoots. You can read why here! Even though she may not offer the sessions anymore…I was able to smooth talk her into doing ours πŸ˜‰ I know the big trend right now in newborn photos are studio shots with a lot of props and such. Don’t get me wrong, they are all beautiful…but that’s not my style. I just wanted lifestyle newborn photos and Lindsay is amazing at lifestyle type shoots so I was able to convince her πŸ˜‰ 

Tess nursed at 1:00 on Saturday August 9th (Tess was 9 days old). Lindsay came over right at the end of Tess’s feeding. The older kids were down for naps so we had a good hour just to focus on Tess before Kye would wake up. It was a great plan as we didn’t have to deal with all three kids at once! 

Before “Leo” was born I went ahead and planned out all of our outfits for the newborn photos. It Leo had been a boy I had everyone different shades of blue to wear. I wanted very simple outfits for us all! I know another big trend in baby photos are naked babies with siblings…and, again, not my style. I just think it looks kinda awkward? Kye was young enough when we did Britt’s that I thought it was fine that she just had on a diaper cover…but now? I wanted everyone clothed for the family and sibling pics πŸ˜‰ I got different shades of coral for Leo in the event it was a girl…I originally was going to go with pink but was just drawn to the coral πŸ™‚ For her solo pics though I went ahead and just had her wear the same headband and diaper cover Britt wore. Honestly, I was SO sure that Leo was a boy so I didn’t want to waste money buying new ones haha. So it was out of cheapness/laziness more than me being sentimental but now I’m SO glad I did have her wear it. It’s so sweet to see her in the same attire as her big sister πŸ™‚ 

You can look back at Britt’s newborns here and Kye’s here! Tess didn’t sleep pretty much at all for the entire two hour session. Zach and I should have communicated better leading up to that day because I was in full on “do whatever it takes for pics” mode and he was stressing about her missing her nap and didn’t want to use the paci to try to get her to sleep etc. I would put the paci in to help calm her and get her to close her eyes and he’d take it back out haha! 

I’m SO thankful for Lindsay! We had a great time and I always enjoy getting together with her. She’s so patient and talented! Here’s the pics of just Tess from that day! 

My favorite! She looks like a little baby doll!!!

The only newborn photo request I had was to do the baby-laying-on-Zach’s-arm pose. We have a framed photo of Kye and of Britt in our foyer in this same pose so I wanted one of Tess to go with them. Of course child does NOT like being on her belly and she didn’t corporate too great for them but Lindsay worked her magic and got some good ones for us πŸ™‚ This one is my favorite!

 Another favorite of mine!

 I love this one too!

 My favorite of me with my newest baby girl πŸ™‚

 A couple solo ones of Tess once we had her dressed! I had to pin the outfit in the back so it’d fit…she’s so tiny!

I’m so happy with how great they turned out!!! You really can’t tell how fussy she was for most of the time haha! It was MEGA hard to decide which ones to use for her birth announcements. It was actually super tough to even decide on what announcement to use. I swear, there are WAY too many choices out there! I ended up ordering a PDF file from Etsy then sent them to UPS to get printed and bought envelopes off Amazon. It ended up being MUCH cheaper than buying cards from somewhere and having them print them for me. I ADORE how they turned out! I think they are my favorite announcements from all three kids πŸ™‚ 

If you are local and looking for an amazing photographer then you know my recommendation is to check out Captured by Colson! And if you’re looking for an awesome birth announcement be sure to visit Made For Me Boutique!



Pictures with the big kids coming up πŸ™‚

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