New Year ~ New Us!

2012 has not been my favorite year ever…I’m REALLY pumped to get 2013 started! I feel like it’s going to be such a great year in so many ways! We all set goals at the start of a new year (you know mine are always a MILE long haha) and, for many of us, one of our top goals is to lose weight or get healthier or tone up, or all of the above. Isn’t that what we ALL strive to do in January?

As you all know I did a modified version of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge back in July (You can read ALL about my Challenge HERE!!!). I love that Advocare has awesome products that are safe to use while pregnant and nursing. My challenge went AWESOME and I got back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and also went from a size 8 to a size 4 in just 24 days. Pretty legit, am I right???

I’m REALLY excited for January. I will be starting my LEGIT 24 Day Challenge on Jan 7th! I’ve maintained my challenge results (and even lost more inches and a couple more pounds! Read the update from me HERE!) while still nursing Brittlynn. She’s a year old now and I’m currently in the process of weaning her (which you KNOW I’ll blog all about!). While it’s a tough time emotionally for me, there are benefits to being done nursing. Hello…no more pumping when not home! No more having to figure out how I’m going to nurse her when we go places…One of the things I am looking forward to with finishing up nursing is being able to use ALL the Advocare products. I’ve been pumped to get to do the FULL Challenge and am super eager to get started and see what kind of awesome results I’ll have!!!

Since SO many people have the same goals to kick-start the new year with a new, healthier, thinner, look I thought it’d be fun to get a big group together to ALL start our challenges on Jan 7th!!! I was pretty jealous that a bunch of our friends and family did the Challenge together back in August (you can read Courtney’s story HERE and Matt’s HERE and Casey and Jordan’s HERE) so I’m hoping to have some people join in and do it with ME in Jan! We can help motivate and encourage each other throughout the whole 24 days and then share our amazing results too. Don’t you feel like you stay more motivated when you have people helping to hold you accountable??? I know I do!!!

Even better we are going to have a “Biggest Loser” type competition! We did this back when our crew did the Challenge in August and Courtney, my sister-in-law, was the Biggest Loser Winner! She lost 14 lbs and over 8 inches during the 24 days!!!

Ready to join in the Biggest Loser Competition? Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • Anyone who orders the 24 Day Challenge from either my site or the site of someone on my team is eligible to join us for the Biggest Loser Competition!
  • You must START your Challenge on Monday Jan 7th
  • Sometime between midnight and 11:59 PM EST on Jan 7th you must text me a picture of your start weight (with your full name in case I don’t have you saved in my phone!). Just take a picture of your feet on the scale showing the number! And no worries…anyone who purchases a challenge and plans to join us on the 7th I’ll make sure you get my phone number so you can send me the text ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Sometime between midnight and 11:59 PM on Jan 31st text me another picture of you on your scale showing your weight at the end of the challenge!
  • The biggest loser based on PERCENTAGES will be the winner and I will personally send you a $100 check! Actually…let’s make that $150!!!! Who wouldn’t like to start of the new year with some extra cash???

If you’ve been thinking about doing the Challenge for awhile…This is a great opportunity to do it with me ๐Ÿ™‚ If you’ve already done it and it’s been 90 days you can do it again! Great way to continue on the path to meet your goals ๐Ÿ™‚

Also (this goes without saying…) NONE of your results will be made public or shared with ANYONE else unless you choose to do so! I kept my own Challenge private until I finished it and then I was so excited I wanted to share it with everyone I know but I completely respect everyone’s privacy. I will not share the pictures you send me with ANYONE and will simply use them to put together a spread sheet to figure out the winner ๐Ÿ™‚ 

One thing I did not do during my first Challenge was work out. I loaaaathe sweating. I dread working out. I make up like every excuse not to have to do it haha. However, my 10 year high school reunion is in 2013. I have ALWAYS said that I would do my best to look my best for that big event. We all need something to motivate us, right? Why not have a goal to walk into my high school reunion feeling more confident at 28 (and after having two babies…) than I did at 18??? I think it’s a GREAT time to get my butt in gear about looking my best and being at my healthiest! Lucky for me Advocare is introducing a WORK-OUT SERIES!!!

Now I have ZERO excuses because this DVD series is a set of 24 minute workouts that you can do from home without having to purchase any equipment. I did p90x ONCE with Zach and those videos are awesome but omg it was suchhhh a long workout. But these are only 24 minutes? I mean even I can’t up with an excuse to get out of that one ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can watch a preview of the video here…the timing is PERFECT to order it before starting our challenges on Jan 7th!!!

Another way Advocare is going to help me reach my goals for 2013 is financially. I am passionate about my job as a stay at home mom and never want to have any type of full time job outside the home. I’m so blessed that Zach is able to provide so well for our family and I appreciate all the hard work he does. In this unstable economy I am so thankful that I gave Advocare a try! I had done direct sales with Stella and Dot and it just wasn’t a good fit for me. It’s tough to host the parties, expensive to maintain the business, and I really never made much of any profit with it. I decided to become join the membership with Advocare when Zach decided to do the challenge…it made sense b/c we’d get SUCH a great discount and because we knew so many people that could benefit from the great products. It has truly been a win/win situation for us. We get an awesome discount on all the products we love and I am bringing in extra income to help our family!!! I have just simply shared my personal Advocare story with others and
have helped them use Advocare to meet their goals whether it’s a
healthier lifestyle, weight loss, more energy, extra income, etc. I feel good that I am able to help relieve some of Zach’s stress and have been able to help pay down our medical debts from this year. Debt free is our goal and Advocare is helping us get there!!!

What are YOUR goals for the new year??? Let’s get a group together and have some big results for the 24 Day Challenge in Jan!!! I’m SUPER excited about it and can’t wait to see who will join me and who will win the cash!!!!

If you’re interested in purchasing a challenge I recommend to totally
sign up for the membership first. I wish we’d done it and I encourage
everyone to do it now b/c why not start saving money from Day 1??? And
get enough free Spark to drink 2 a day for your challenge if you want???
It’s a flat $79 fee to become a member and then you get 20% off for life
and they send you $50 worth of free product! Once you sign up you get
your own website and can start ordering from there right away!!! You can
sign up for a membership here: 

I also recommend doing the Challenge TOGETHER! Got a husband? Significant other? Room mate? While all of us doing it together is gonna be awesome…It just makes sense to do the Challenge with whoever you share your home with. You’re gonna be eating better, why not have the whole family involved with that? Why not help each other stay on track and get awesome results together?

If you’d like to purchase a challenge without joining the membership you
can do that here (I recommend picking the chocolate shake flavor!):

Since I did the challenge for nursing moms
for my first challenge Advocare doesn’t sell a bundle package of that like they do for the
legit challenge so I figured out how to bundle it myself! If you’re
wanting to get your body baby ready while trying to conceive, are
pregnant, or are nursing you can purchase your version of the 24 Day
Challenge here (and yes, anyone wanting to do the nursing challenge can still totally be in our Biggest Loser Competition!):


You can learn more about my experience with the modified 24 Day Challenge HERE (there are lots of before and after pics and DETAILED Challenge info!)

I’m totally available to answer ANY questions you may have! Feel free to email me at although the BEST way to reach me is via the Facebook page at I do better responding to Facebook messages than I do emails as I get SO much junk emails!!!

I’m super excited for 2013 to get here!!! I know it’s going to be such an awesome year and am pumped to start it off by losing weight (wedding day weight here I come!!!) and by having so many of you join in with me!


  1. Miranda McFarland
    December 10, 2012 / 11:09 pm

    I am so disappointed my 90 days won't be up when this challenge starts. I really enjoyed the challenge and would love to do it again! I think I would enjoy it even more if I knew other people doing it, even online! Let me know if anyone else is in this same position, maybe we can start one in February??

  2. Rachael_Copponex
    December 14, 2012 / 4:42 pm


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