My Target Disney Haul: You Tube Channel!

Zach and I have been talking for awhile now about starting up a YouTube Channel for our family adventures and I’ve had several people mention it to me over the years but I always just felt kinda awkward about it.

When Instagram first introduced the Story feature I quickly became pretty obsessed about it and enjoy connecting with people via Stories and the videos featured there. It naturally progressed into the idea to jump on YouTube!

We are VERY new at this and have a LOT to learn so go easy on us as we figure things out. We debated a lot on what our first video should be and I just randomly decided to have it be about my recent Target Disney Haul!

I personally am very into watching other people’s Disney related hauls and it felt natural for me to share my own. I pretty much cashed in every Target gift card I’ve been hoarding in order to get all the fun Disney stuff but still went way overboard. I can talk Disney all day so this was an easy fit for my first video.

Be sure to subscribe to our channel as we have a lot of fun things to come and be sure to leave a comment letting me know what items I should keep, what I should return…and what else I may need to pick up 😉

Here’s the link to view the video!

Wanting to shop the Disney Target stuff for yourself?

Here’s a round up of my 10 favorite purchases, be sure to visit the video for even more goodies and shop the entire line at Target! (photo links are affiliate):

Living the Dream Shirt (runs small, order up!)

Mickey White Chip and Dip Dish (it’s plastic!)

“Believe” T-Shirt Dress

Perfect to toss everything in and GO this summer!

These are in the “girls” section but add the perfect Disney touch to any outfit

Holds 26 oz and is ADORABLE

I adore little pouches to carry things in my purse and at the parks!

Every mom loves a good hat for summertime!

I plan to stay hydrated at the parks with this 20 oz water bottle

This is the perfect blanket for the beach or a summer picnic! 

We are brainstorming content ideas for our new channel and would love to hear from you on what you’d like to see from us! I’m excited that Zach is going to be so hands on with this as I feel like he’s not as involved in my blog or other social media channels so this will be a great opportunity for us all to do something together as a family!

Visit my channel here, and be sure to check back in as we add more video content soon! I’d love for you to subscribe and follow along 🙂 

Did you buy anything from the Disney Target collaboration? Any favorite items I missed? Every time I check their site I keep finding more haha!


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