Mother’s Day 2016

This year just hasn’t been my year for “Emily” holidays haha. My actual birthday was a rough day and we didn’t end up celebrating until the last day of November (my bday is the 1st), and then Mother’s Day my poor husband was in the bed in excruciating pain due to his ruptured disc in his back. So we didn’t celebrate until almost the end of that month either! 

On legit Mother’s Day I took the kids to church and then had a chill afternoon together. Zach’s pain made it difficult to be in the house so I did a lot with the kids during that time to take them out and about and keep us all busy! We swam and played and then when Tess went to bed the big kids and I decided we needed a treat πŸ˜‰ 

I have noticed lady bugs tend to land on me during tough times in life, I like to think it’s a little reminder from the Lord of blessings to come πŸ™‚

We rocked OUT in the car on the way to Brusters! We turned the music up, had the windows down, and jammed in our pajamas πŸ˜‰

Had to enjoy what will probably be Britt’s last free ice cream treat!

I remember a day where I prayed he’d be too tall for the freebies πŸ˜‰

A day that deserved a treat πŸ™‚

We always celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day the day prior to the actual holiday. Zach really did want to still celebrate but omg I’m so glad we didn’t attempt that! We had planned to host actual Mother’s Day at our house with the family for Mrs. Charlotte and decided to postpone ALL Mother’s Day related activities until after Zach’s surgery. We actually ended up waiting 2 weeks post surgery so Zach would be able to be up and about okay! We celebrated my special day on May 21st πŸ™‚

Kicked things off with breakfast in a cup for breakfast (it’s cheese grits, sausage, and scrambled eggs all mixed together…it’s my new favorite Zach breakfast – yup it’s surpassed my beloved pancakes!). 

Then we took a family walk down to the park (part of Zach’s recovery he needed to be up and walking at least 10 min of each hour so the walk was good for him too!)

My sweet boy picked me some flowers πŸ™‚

 After our walk we opened presents. The kids made me THE sweetest stuff this year! I loved all of Britt’s stuff from “Muffins with Mom” and Kye’s teacher had him do some special things for me too πŸ™‚ 

I cried reading what Kye wrote:

I didn’t cry at this one…

it was this one πŸ™‚ I mean STOP IT.

Kye admitted right away that he wrote down what the teacher told him to but I didn’t care, so so sweet!

Zach took the kids to our favorite local jewelry store (Steels!) and let them do some shopping. I mean they could have gone to Target and spent a lot less money but I truly LOVED every single thing they picked for me! Zach also picked out something for me which was super sweet as well and I wear it all the time (Kendra Scott just makes for some awesome gifts, right?!?!)

Britt picked out the blue wrap bracelet and Kye picked out the hand holding Alex and Ani (completely and totally by himself. SUCH a sweet boy!!!)

The month of May really put my Mommy limits to the test. Taking care of Zach AND the kids completely solo was a lot on me but it made me appreciate the blessing of motherhood on an entirely new level. I’m just so, so thankful to get to be their mom and I truly love this phase of life! I never want it to end! 

After we opened gifts Zach took a step stool into Tess’s room so he’d be able to get her into the bed for nap (he couldn’t even lift her at this point) and he sent the big kids and I to a movie! We FINALLY saw Zootopia and really liked it! It was super fun πŸ™‚

Zach constantly plays the Ghostbusters theme song in the car so Britt wanted to send him a pic!

After the movie we ran home and grabbed Zach and Tess and headed to Colt’s birthday party! It worked out so well that the party was at such a good time so we could celebrate our special Colt as part of our Mother’s Day celebration! They rented a huge water slide and the kids had a BLAST. It was good for Zach to get out and about and he enjoyed getting to visit with everyone!

We went straight from the party to dinner…at Aligatu my fav πŸ™‚ I think we go there every year for Mother’s Day πŸ˜‰ 

The chef did a hidden Mickey in the rice for us πŸ˜‰

Kye grubs OUT on some Japanese! And uses his chopsticks AND pours on the seafood sauce (my child!)

Britt wasn’t too sure about the fire!

The next day we treated like “real” Mother’s Day. Since we had the stomach virus on Easter (maybe it hasn’t been our year for any holidays haha) I put our Easter Outfits on the back burner to wear on Mother’s Day. So we finally got to wear them! 

Tess wore shoes that were MINE as a toddler!

These two are so funny to watch, they always want the same toys and battle it out over them

G-Mama and her 6 grand babies!

We ate, we swam, and we had a great family day together celebrating Mrs. Charlotte and all of the mamas among us!

Being a mother is my greatest blessing and I’m so thankful to Zach for always making Mother’s Day such a special celebration each year!

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