Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Part 2

While you are all recovering from Christmas fun, I know your holiday wouldn’t be complete without part II of our Disney adventure (and more importantly, part II of our “hott day” right?). So I’m taking a break from being sick and packing boxes to fill ya in! Enjoy!!!

I LOVE the Mickey’s Very merry Christmas Party for many reasons: 1) cheaper ticket prices 2) waaaay less people 3) UNLIMITED hot cocoa and cookies! Zach’s back needed a rest from all the riding and I was pretty much freezing so it was time for a hot cocoa break. The cookies were bangin’ and I wanted to compete to see who could eat more before the night was over…but Zach knew I’d win so he wouldn’t compete. I downed these 4 plus another 3 later on and drank 4 cups of hot chocolate.

SO many frame worthy pics 🙂

love seeing the castle all lit up

Insider scoop: did you know at Disney you can hand the photographers your photo pass card (where they load the pics they take of you then you buy them online) but that you can also hand them your own camera to snap a picture? I so totally never knew that and am PUMPED by that news! Check out the great shot we had them take of us in front of the castle – for free!

The longest line we waited in of the night was to meet Mickey. I can’t remember the last time I met him and I just really wanted to do it. I know, random. But I’m hardcore about meeting characters (remember my birthday and ALL the princesses we met? SO awesome!!!) We were in line for about 40 min. but it felt like longer because EVERYONE around us was on their phone. It is so sad to see how impersonal our culture is now and how everyone is obsessed with technology. Boo. The line was well worth it though as we got to see these precious little girls in front of us meet Mickey. It was honestly my favorite part of the night and one of Zach’s too. This little girl was SO excited and she didn’t want to leave Mickey and Minnie. I can’t WAIT for that to be Kye!!!

The lady who took these for us worked at Disney and was SO sweet she went on and on about how photogenic we were and even told me we looked like Ken and Barbie! (I was HARDCORE Barbie kinda girl growing up so duh, that’s like the ultimate compliment…although she didn’t realize that we don’t usually look like this haha)

After Mickey it was time for something relaxing and we both LOVE Mickey’s PhilharMagic. I hope Kye enjoys it too but the glasses may make it confusing for him. It’s a great one to just relax and enjoy, and the glasses make for some awesome pics 🙂

waiting to go in – resting his back and lookin’ cute!

I did NOT want to make Zach stand in line to meet any other characters but omg..ALL SEVEN of the dwarfs were there together and I totally wished we would have done it now that I learned they are rare to see. Oh well at least we got a face shot of me “with” them haha

Haunted Mansion time! (totally can’t do this one with Kye!)

Zach’s favorite part of the night was the Haunted Mansion. We skipped the parade (we WILL watch it with Kye and I know that the Christmas one is awesome but I was freezing and Zach was hurting and it just didn’t make sense to bother with it) and got to be 2 of only FOUR people who rode the Haunted Mansion. When we walked in I, of course, smiled at the girl working the ride and say hey to her. I forget that on some of the rides they have to act certain ways and on this one they are supposed to be creepy so she just stared at me and didn’t say anything and I knew I’d made a bad move.

When we were in the room with the portraits that stretches she told the four of us to stand directly in the middle. Then the lights went out and when they came back on her face was less than an inch away from mine! I’m an easy person to make jump so she got a good reaction out of me and Zach LOVED it. It was pretty comical!

outside of Pirates

my big head had a tough time fitting hahaha

barely made it 😉

I’m hoping that Kye does okay on Pirates…it wouldn’t be a good Disney trip without it! It does have a spot that’s very dark and where the boat goes down a little hill. Whenever the lights are out at the house I’ve been trying to prepare him by singing “yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me” We’ll see if it helps…

boo for the Pirate picture spot being closed!

Toldcha my pirate face is just like my Buzz Lightyear concentration one!

one more in front of the castle before heading out!

The park closed at midnight but we left a little before then. It was much later than we stayed a couple years ago when we went but we had too much fun to stop! It was a BLAST!!! I felt a lot of guilt for it later because Zach’s poor back really suffered but hey, it would have hurt him worse to ski right? Ever since we left ALL I can think about and talk about is Disney! I remember when we were engaged I would think about the wedding non-stop. It was a great way for me to de-stress and now Disney is my de-stressor. I’ve already started planning our big trip with Kye…and we’re thinking it may be as soon as February!!! Gotta work it around all the HUGE Aflac vacations next year 🙂 ANY insider Disney info would be super helpful!!!!

We were both STARVING after we left and hit up my fav (Taco Bell duh) on the way back to the condo before tucking in to bed excited for our Christmas morning together

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