Magic Kingdom: Tomorrowland

Are you ready to be done with Day 1 of our Disney park fun? πŸ˜‰ After finishing up in Adventureland, we headed to Tomorrowland to complete our first day. While being pushed around in the wheelchair I was able to look through my pictures from earlier that morning and saw how terrible the ones in front of the castle were. I knew Zach’s patience was wearing thin and I was a little nervous to approach him and taking more pictures…but I showed him the ones the guy took and he agreed that they weren’t good enough! Whew!

On our way to Tomorrowland we passed in front of the castle anyway so it was a great opportunity for a second round of pictures. It was funny watching the people before us get theirs taken by the Cast Member there…what a STRANGE pose he had them do!

Kye and I don’t hide much with our expressions huh?!?!

Mom did an AWESOME job snapping some pictures for us, and I’m glad she did it instead of trying to let the Cast Member do it again!!!

One of my favorites!

I’m going to frame one in black and white so lemmie know which one you like best πŸ˜‰

Kye was ALL about saying “arrrrr”

Cracking himself up at his pirate antics

My other favorite!!!!

I honestly liked the ones Mom took BETTER than the ones on the Photo Pass card!

one last “arrrrr” for the road πŸ˜‰

There wasn’t much to ride in Tomorrowland for us…Kye is too short for the Speedway and obviously for Space Mountain as well. We also didn’t bother with Astro Orbiter (I don’t think I’ve ever done it?!?!) or Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover (it’s a good relaxing one but at that point we were ready to get it done and head back!). I’ve never liked Stitch’s Great Escape (SO much cooler when it was Alien Resurrection) and it’s obviously be too scary for Kye to ride anyway. We also skipped the Carousel of Progress. I typically enjoy it and think Mom and Mrs. Charlotte would have liked it and if we were at the park for only one day we would have done it, but we wanted to do the really fun stuff!

Our first stop was the Monster’s Laugh Factory. Monsters Inc is one movie that has scared Kye when he watches it so I was mildly nervous that the show would scare him as well, but it’s REALLY fun and so neat how they interact with the audience. Zach and I always enjoy it and Kye did too! I highly recommend it as it’s cute and funny!

waiting to get in!

Our last ride for the day was Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Kye only being 2 1/2, I knew he may not fully “get it” and it was on the list of rides that may potentially scare, but it’s Zach’s FAVORITE and Kye LOVES Toy Story so I knew he wouldn’t be scared at all!!! Since I wasn’t sure if we’d get the chance to meet the real Buzz..I built the one in the ride up for Kye so he’d feel like he met him!

precious face when he saw Buzz!

learning the basics on how to shoot the aliens from Daddy πŸ˜‰

the grandmas are gettin’ into it!

I let Kye use my gun and he steered us too. He LOVED it and did great! Zach was probably annoyed with Kye’s driving but he still racked up the points as usual!

Kye scored 500! Not as good as my usual score but I didn’t mind πŸ˜‰

Right as we went to exit Buzz Lightyear the rain poured down right on schedule! It was right at 3:00 and the weather man was right. I don’t mind a little rain but I knew when the forecast called for it that Kye would have issues with it. He doesn’t like getting his clothes (or hair haha) messed up and I knew he would not tolerate too much rain on him. Mom, Mrs. Charlotte and I stayed in the gift shop with Kye while Zach went to get all our stuff. Of course it was the TOY STORY gift shop which did cause some issues. ALL the kids were playing with the toys and they had a laser gun like the one from the ride. I was SO thankful that I had bought a little souvenir on our first night! I told Kye that he had to put the toy back, that we’d tell Santa he wants one (um, he’s NOT getting a gun for any holiday anytime soon!), and that I had a special Disney prize for him once we got to the stroller.

When we got to a good spot we all pulled out the rain gear and started putting it on. You can tell who went the cheapest on our poncho purchases huh? πŸ˜‰ Tip: If the weather for your trip calls for rain, bring PLENTY of rain gear with you! We filled a whole bookbag with stuff and were mega prepared. My rule with weather is, if you are over prepared it probably WON’T rain ya know? We all bought ponchos in advance (ours were 88 cents from Walmart camping section). Also bring a hat or visor to help keep the hood of the poncho up. I’ll be giving more rain tips in the Disney Tips post I’ll write after I get all of these up πŸ˜‰

ready to face the rain!

sexy ponchos right?

Kye, as I expected, hated the rain. At that point in the day he was worn out! We’d had a FULL day (hello, it took like 5 blog entries to cover!) and he’s skipped his nap. I don’t blame him for refusing to wear a strange looking poncho and for being upset that he had to get wet. Tip Along with our rain gear we packed one of Kye’s favorite beach towels. I figured I could at least get him to use that to cover himself with if he refused to use the poncho. He didn’t want to use it as a blanket but we did use it to cover the stroller seat as it was soaked from being in the rain while we rode the ride (we had it under cover when we went to the ride but somehow it got moved again!).

Timing for the rain couldn’t have worked out better. We had seen everything we wanted to see and were ready to head out anyway! Kye cried pretty much the whole way out of the park because the rain was uncomfortable for him. I did not have anyone push me in the wheelchair because I was worried about Kye and just wanted to GO and go FAST! Looking back, I should have been a little more concerned about myself because it was a far walk and I over-did it a bit, but I survived! I’m SO thankful for the monorail b/c it’s sad to leave the park but we were able to tell Kye that he had one last ride to get on and it was a choo choo. Totally made him happy and content!

He was in HEAVEN with his new Mickey and Minnie Mouse car!

so glad I thought to buy it, it was a lifesaver!

Tip Rather than bring a purse to the park, use a book bag. It’s easier to carry, lighter on your back, and if it does rain it can be easily covered with a poncho. We each had a book bag (well, not Kye) and it worked out GREAT. Mom and Mrs. Charlotte said that was probably the best idea I’d had the whole trip. I HIGHLY recommend it!!! And will do it from now on for sure.

Mrs. Charlotte was looking more pregnant than I was with her bookbag on her front to keep it dry!

riding the last ride of the day

Goodbye Magic Kingdom!

The rain only lasted the bit of time it took for us to get from Buzz Lightyear to the monorail, not bad AT ALL!

We got back to the condo and had Kye eat an early dinner, take a nice long bath, read story together, and go to bed over an hour early for the night. We had another big day the next day and SLEEP is SO vital to a child’s happiness (and therefore ALL of our happiness right?). Kye is the type of kid that gets super silly and goofy when he’s overly tired and he was cracking us all up. He did want to wear his “First Visit” pin allll day but he loved it when we got back to the condo. He also LOVED his new car and told everyone that it is his favorite car. Made me happy πŸ˜‰

The master bathroom had a HUGE jetted tub so Kye took a nice long bubble bath…he was being SUCH a ham! Singing and telling us all about the things he’d seen that day at Disney World.

I LOVED hearing Kye sing “pirate’s life for me” so much throughout our day at the park but could never catch him on video so we tried again at the condo and got lucky! Here’s a video of Kye singing his new favorite song (isn’t it funny that we’re trying to get him to stop singing the ABC’s and sing about pirates instead?!?! Very educationally driven parents huh?) We thought it’d be fun to learn the entire thing so Mom googled it when she got home and she said we better just stick with the chorus…I guess it’s all about drinking and women haha.

When we put Kye to bed and said our prayers he said “Thanks for Disney World. Arrrrr. Pirates say arrrr.” It was really cute like he was telling Jesus about the pirates in case Jesus didn’t know what they say already πŸ˜‰ We asked him if he had fun at Disney World and what his favorite thing was and he said “I kissed Jesse.” Someone has a crush πŸ˜‰ He also said “Guess what Mommy?” “What Kye?” “We’re going to DISNEY WORLD TOMORROW!” I was so excited that I could answer that yes, we’d get to go again the next day! When we went to leave the room he said “I need to close my eyes, go to sleep and SLEEP GOOD!” πŸ˜‰ Sweet boy!!!

For dinner we all pitched in on pizza and it hit the spot. I am not a huge pizza fan myself but I love Domino’s cheesy bread. We relaxed and planned out our adventures for the next day ahead!

Could our day at Magic Kingdom gone any better?!?!?


  1. Crissymegow
    October 10, 2011 / 5:48 pm

    I like pic #6 in front of the castle the best (the first one of Kye going arrr)Β  to me, it's fun and memorable πŸ™‚

  2. Crissymegow
    October 10, 2011 / 5:48 pm

    P.S. your comments are working now, lol πŸ˜‰

  3. Megan Ray
    October 10, 2011 / 6:46 pm

    Ohhhh, I am LOVING your disney posts!! I haven't commented on any, cause I've been reading blogs on my phone, and it's not commenting friendly, but I've definitely been reading! We leave for Disney on Thursday and are so excited! It's our second trip there this year πŸ™‚ OH!! I'm so disappointed you didn't know about the magic pictures. Those people that you thought were doing stupid poses were actually doing magic pictures. We did a bunch of them last time we went and they are SO fun. I just googled to try and find something that explains it / shows some, but didn't find anything. Basically, they photoshop in different things, for example baby simba, stitch, tinkerbell, etc. Like in the baby simba one, they take a picture of you with your arms cradled like you're holding a little baby (but you aren't) but then in the photopass photo, there is a little baby simba in your arms. I'll post some on my blog soon!!

  4. emilysparker
    October 10, 2011 / 8:48 pm

    yay!!!! i'm so glad, it was disheartening to see a big ZERO every day haha!!! I love the "arrrr" ones too πŸ˜‰ he insists he wants a WOODY birthday party though! i thought pirates would for sure be his pick but as for now it's woody!

  5. emilysparker
    October 10, 2011 / 8:50 pm

    Gah you're SO lucky! Twice in one year?!?! Zach swears we won't be going again until the BABY turns 2 1/2 πŸ™ I'm working on him though πŸ™‚ This is what I LOVE about Disney!!!! You can NEVER know everything! There are always magical little special things everywhere…that magic picture thing sounds SO COOL! Def something I need to learn more about, for sure post some!!!!! thanks for letting me know about it and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!! you deserve a great break at the happiest place on earth πŸ™‚

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