Last Beach Adventure

Yes, I’m still on St. Augustine posts 😉 Our last full day of the trip was on July 4th and was a Monday. It worked out great because at that point we were on a pretty solid routine! For breakfast the restaurant had watermelon and Kye was in HEAVEN! My dad texted me to say happy 4th and said “be sure to eat plenty of watermelon!” Kinda random to me, but I was happy to report that Kye had his fair share for the day 😉

We wanted to spend more time on the beach, especially since Kye LOVED it soooo much our first day out. That morning was no different, we had a BLAST! Kye mostly enjoyed just running back and forth and back and forth and I captured a video of it here.

For his birthday Mema got him a truck to play with in his sandbox and I brought it along for the trip, I’m SO glad I did. It was the toy of the day 🙂 He enjoyed letting it float out a little bit then going and getting it. I didn’t mind it, until it’d get washed too far down the shore and we’d have to chase it down.

I LOVE having a variety of beach toys, makes building castles fun 😉

PLEASE tell me I look pregnant here! Right?

Zach took a boogie boarding break while Kye ate lunch

Always loves a sandwich

enjoying relaxing

Kye’s turn to boogie board

I LOVE Plum Organics…it’s organic pureed veges. One packet is 2 servings and Kye really loves them so it’s a great way to get his veggies in!

We stayed later than we did the first day as Zach and I planned on eating left overs for lunch during Kye’s nap. It was nice having such a big block of time to enjoy the beach and it made me appreciate our little spot even more because it was the fourth and our beach was barely crowded. Score!

I LOVE these pics!

Kye picked one seashell up and actually wanted to bring it home (usually he throws them all in the ocean) so he was very proud of this shell. We still have it and he still talks about getting it at the beach! On our way back to the car Kye found a couple of sticks and CRACKED me up. It’s funny to see your child imitate you…and to Kye a stick means a spanking so he started this thing where he’d say “Look at me. I told you and I’m not going to tell you again. NO SIR!” I didn’t capture him saying the whole thing in order but you can see it here. He will still do this if he gets a stick and it’s hard not to laugh!!!

Another very successful beach morning!

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  1. Robyn Mullican
    August 1, 2011 / 6:06 pm

    Um – that video was hilarious!

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