Kye’s First Thanksgiving

Our family does an every other year type deal. Last year we had a HUGE Thanksgiving at my Uncle’s, this year everyone did their own thing (and next year we all better be together!). For Kye’s first Thanksgiving we celebrated at my mom’s with just Mom, Zach, Kye and I! The smallest Thanksgiving I’ve ever had but it was nice. It was also the first time I’ve done any of the cooking! I made a potato dish, green bean casserole, cream corn (the frozen kind), and a pie! I’m pretty proud of myself for that!

helping me mash the potatoes

tearing up bread for the stuffing!


my pie!

my little family


time to eat! doesn’t the table look so pretty? We used candles from Nana’s house just for her!

desserts…and Brandon and Chrissy who we missed this year!

In honor of Thanksgiving I decided to let turkey be Kye’s first meat! I read up online on that wholesomefood site and it said the darker meat is better for babies so I gave him a little piece. He did okay with it but he only ate like two tiny bites. Oh well it counts!


The rest of the meal Kye happily played with a spoon 🙂

this is what we had left over AFTER we got done eating! We had so much food we ate like kings the rest of the weekend!

I was a little nervous about Thanksgiving as it was the first holiday we’ve celebrated without Nana. Mom held it together really well, I was proud of her! When it came time to say what we are thankful for I got emotional. Nana always pushed us to do that tradition while we all dreaded it. It was just so sad to be saying it without her there. Every year she would say how thankful she was for us all and for the health of our family and now she’s gone. Ugh so sad! Timing really though is a blessing as all the first holidays without Nana are also the first ones with Kye and that’s a BIG positive to focus on! We all, of course, were thankful for him and for our special little holiday together!

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