Kye’s 1st Bday Letter: From Mommy

Before Kye was born Zach and I both wrote him a letter. I think it’s a nice tradition to write one to him every year on his birthday. Thinking back on this past year it’s so hard to believe that he’s only ONE! It seems like he’s been a part of my life forever! Obviously all I can think about today is what I was doing one YEAR ago today! It’s so funny how a year ago yesterday I had NO CLUE that today would be my baby’s birthday! I love looking back and remembering what I was doing at this exact time last year. If you’d like to remember with me, here’s a link to my story of Kye’s birth!  Also I’m enjoying watching “old” videos, here is a link to the one where we introduced Kye to our family for the first time!



To my sweet, sweet boy,

It is unbelievable the way you have changed my entire life this year. Just a year ago my life was all about ME ME ME. Enjoying laying out all the time, lazing around watching tv, and hanging out with friends whenever I pleased. Now my whole world is YOU YOU YOU! From sun up until sun down my day revolves around yours. If you are happy and sweet, then so am I and if you’re not…well on those days I think Daddy wants to run as far away as he can!



I’m so thankful that we were surprised at your sex. It was such an amazing experience to not know what little person I had growing inside of me until you made your entrance into the world. And what an entrance it was! I’ve never been more proud of myself than I was when I gave birth to you 100% natural. I know to you that may not matter, but to me it made me realize that I can do ANYTHING! I have continued to be amazed by you and by my own abilities throughout this year. Thanks to you I have discovered a confidence I have never known. We struggled with breastfeeding but we kept on going together, we struggled with learning the ins-and-outs of Babywise but we kept on going together. You and I have learned a LOT and I’m so excited to be able to use that knowledge when parenting your little brother or sister someday!



I am constantly thinking about how blessed we are as a family. You are such a perfect child. So many families out there are struggling or have children who are hurting but you are everything a parent would pray for! Perfect from head to toe physically, you’ve always been “ahead” of the game with your size and developments, you’ve always been a great eater and pretty solid sleeper, and everyone comments on how HAPPY you are! I love how loud and vocal you have been since birth and I love to see your little grins and hear your little laughs. You make every part of me smile right along with you.



As you turn one year old I am struggling with many mixed emotions. On the one hand I am SO excited to get to see you start to walk, hear you begin to form sentences, and help you as you start to be able to experience the world outside of our little home. It’s going to be so much fun!!! On the other hand though I wish time could just freeze. I love my little baby and parts of me don’t want to see you become a toddler! I know, as a boy, that the day will come (all too soon) where you won’t think that I’m the most fun, the most beautiful, the most perfect person in the world. You’ll grow up and have a life of your own and I will miss being able to hold you whenever I want and shower you with kisses. I probably kiss and hug on you too much now, as you don’t like it very much, but I want to enjoy each precious moment with my sweet baby!



Thank you for being more than I could have asked for in a son and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be the luckiest mommy in the world!



I love you so so so much my precious boy and I hope that this will be a wonderful birthday celebration for you (I know you won’t remember it but I promise there will be lots of pictures!)







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