Help Us Nickname Baby Parker!

No! We are NOT matched yet 🙂

We are still in the home study process (hoping to finish all of that up this coming week so we can get the big stamp of approval!)

Even though we are still very, very far away from holding our baby in our arms…and even though he’s most likely not even conceived yet, we do want to come up with a nickname for him until his arrival.

In our three pregnancies we were surprised at the sex every time. So each belly baby had a nickname that we used throughout my pregnancy. We didn’t really use it that often in speaking out loud, but anytime I blogged I’d refer to the baby as that nickname up until the day he or she was born. We want to do the same thing this time around. Obviously we’ll be using this nickname for longer than we did with the others, and it’ll be nice to have something for us to call him until we meet him (hopefully also on his delivery day!)

Just a brief history on our nicknames for our current children:

  • For Kye we called him “Clover” because my due date was around St Patrick’s Day
  • Britt was called “Blitzen” because her due date was around Christmas
  • Tess was called “Leo” Since her due date didn’t really have any holidays near it we went with something else and liked that it would be her astrology sign (not that we are into astrology but it’s neat that she and Zach are both “Leos”)

We LOVE input for ideas on nicknames, we chose “Blitzen” from a blog reader suggestion 🙂 We are hoping for help this time around as well! Of course we don’t know a due date so it’s not as easy to pick a holiday related one, and we also can’t do something astrology based either! Here are some things to consider when suggesting a nickname for us:

  1. We are specifying for the baby to be a boy so it can be gender specific (first time we’re able to do that!)
  2. We are Christians and God is ALL OVER this adoption so something Biblical or with a Biblical meaning would be neat
  3. Obviously we’re using the path of adoption to add this baby to our home so something themed with that would be neat too.
  4. We’ve kinda been using a football/sports theme for this adoption which is really fun! Being the first time we’ve known the sex of the baby prior to birth has allowed us to add in the football theme which is very meaningful for Zach especially since football was always so important to him. A sports or football related nickname would also be cute! (Of course I’m ALWAYS all about Disney related anything too!)
  5. I like to use something easy to type. I found out pretty quickly that Blitzen would be problematic (I always mess up the spelling plus it’s not recognized as a real word so spell check always gets me!). It’s also important for it to be a clear NICKNAME. Leo was a little to “real name” and we even had people thinking Kye’s name was going to be Clover so I guess even obvious nicknames can be misconceived! 

I’m really looking forward to hearing your suggestions! I know the comments section on mobile doesn’t always work so well (so annoying) so please feel free to give your suggestions via other social media outlets if you’re unable to comment here!

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