Group Challenge Time!!!

Be sure to read the whole post as a way to get FREE Advocare products is included near the bottom AND there is a link to join in my DietBet even if you choose not to use Advocare products to help meet your goals!!!


While I’ve been so, so sad about weaning Tess I am also SO READY to fully lose this baby weight. Being 30 and having my third kid has made it a lot tougher for me to get back to my normal size and my body naturally holds weight while I’m breastfeeding. Now that I’m in the process of drying up, I’m ready to get my butt in gear and get it into my goal jeans!

Time to get these OFF the hanger and ONTO my body!

I am SO excited about starting up the full 24 Day Challenge with Advocare. I’ve had TONS of personal success with Advocare the past three years and am looking forward to having more amazing results! Zach and I are both starting our challenge together on Monday Sept 28th and we want YOU to join us!

If you aren’t familiar with Advocare and what the 24 Day Challenge has to offer I recommend you going to this page on my blog. It has all my personal stories as well the stories of friends and family AND has a ton of helpful links to videos and other info specifically about the Challenge and the company! (you can view the page HERE)

Since I have talked about my love of Advocare so many times in the past (and since I do have so many posts included on that page where you can go for more info) I’m not going to go into a ton of details here about the 24 Day Challenge. I really don’t need to b/c it speaks for itself and is straight up awesome!

And hellllo Josh Murray loves Advocare so duh it’s amazing ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

(Yes, I know a bunch of pro athletes love it too but I’m a part of Bachelor Nation so Josh Murray’s enforcement means more to me than Drew Brees! Haha!)

What I do want to mention is the products I’m adding TO the challenge. The 24 Day Challenge includes everything you need to see great results, but I have a good bit of weight I want to lose (20 pounds YIKES) and I want to really maximize my results this time around. So I’m adding in more products from the Advocare Trim Line. These products work together and are interchangeable. I’d never really looked into any of them before so I wanted to do a brief overview of them each here. I know several friends have done the 24 Day Challenge in the past and may want to do it again but may want to also incorporate some of these products to see additional results! All of these products can be added into the 24 Day Challenge!

Thermoplus: An innovative weight-loss enhancer that helps support efficient metabolism and suppress appetite. I’ve used this several times and love it! You can learn more about it here!

Catalyst: A personal favorite of mine that I’ve used for years! It helps maintain the muscle while reducing fat. It helps keep the skin tight while dropping weight (so helpful for us with the post-baby bodies!) You can learn more here!

Fibo-Trim: Aids in the elimination of fatty waste materials. You can learn more here. 

Liptilean: Helps promote a feeling of fullness and boosts metabolism. You can learn more here!

Carb-Ease Plus: For the carb lovers like myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ Helps reduce the absorption and breakdown of carbs and fats. You can learn more here! 

Slim: Supports weight loss and weight management by combining appetite suppression with energy and metabolic enhancers. You can learn more here!

Crave Check SR: The newest addition to the Trim Line! I’m so pumped for this one! Just like the name says, it helps support appetite control and the ability to resist cravings. You can learn more here!

You can see all the items from my recent order in this picture! 

Can you tell I’m PUMPED?!?! In addition to the 24 Day Challenge I also ordered:

  • All of the products from the Trim Line discussed above (I already have the carb-ease and crave check so they aren’t in the picture)
  • Extra shakes so I can drink one each morning
  • Rehydrate! I mix this with my Spark each day and that combo has totally eliminated headaches from my life (I used to have an average of 5 bad headaches a week! Life changer!)
  • Snack Bars…just in case I do get a craving I can’t resist while on the challenge!

I’m so thankful I joined the Advocare membership. It’s very similar to a Sam’s club membership and just makes sense! For $79 you start off at 20% discount and can get up to a 40% discount on products (LOVE that 40% off…and so does Zach haha). They also send you THREE boxes of Spark (hello that makes it worth it right there!!!) for joining and your discount starts from day 1 of your membership. 

It’s a lifetime membership so once you move up to a higher discount level you never lose it! There are no minimums or anything like that and there is zero pressure to sell anything. You get your own website to order from and can enjoy your discount or you can enjoy the benefits of building an Advocare business too! It’s really a no-brainer and practically pays for itself! You can learn more about joining the membership here! If you decide to join be sure to join PRIOR to ordering as your discount will be applied to that first order ๐Ÿ™‚ 

If you aren’t interested in joining the membership but would like to order a 24 day challenge you can do so here! I love that you can create your own bundle now and choose your Spark and Shake flavors. I do always recommend an extra box of shakes so you can drink one every morning for breakfast (I know I personally don’t have time to make a healthy breakfast for myself each day so the shake ensures I have what I need to start my day!)

I really, really am motivated by others and LOVE having a group together to have that accountability and encouragement. I thought I’d do a couple different things this time around! I have SO MANY friends who are in a similar boat that I’m in. Have some weight to lose and really need help losing it. So let’s do it together! This is the PERFECT time to look great right before holiday season ๐Ÿ™‚ 

ANYONE who places an order for a 24 Day Challenge from me AND adds on at least TWO items from the Trim Line (Catalyst and Thermoplus are the most recommended to go along with the Challenge) will get a FREE bottle of Crave Check SR!

This freebie is open to anyone! If you order your challenge and add-ons directly from me, or if you decide to join the membership first and then order…either way you get the free bottle of Crave Check! If you’re already a distributor (you must be on my team!) and want to place the order then same deal goes for you too ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve heard AMAZING things about Crave Check and would love for all of us to achieve those maximum results!

You order must be placed by Wednesday September 23rd to make sure it arrives in time to start our group challenge on Monday Sept 28th. Once you place your order email a copy of it to me along with your shipping address so I can send out the free bottle of Crave Check for you! My email is

While Advocare products work awesome on your own, doing it as a team is really the best way! The more people who are encouraging each other the better right? So I created a DietBet for our group! 

You DO NOT have to be using Advocare products to join in our DietBet! If you aren’t familiar with DietBet here is how it works: You join for  a set fee ($25 to enter this bet) and then have 4 weeks to lose 4%. If you meet that 4% weight loss in the 4 weeks then you get back your fee ($25) AND get to split the earnings with the other people who met their goal weight. The earnings come from the people in the group who do not lose the 4% in the 4 week time period. You can learn more about it here! It’s simple to sign up and it’s very motivating…just lose the 4% and you get your money back plus make some money too!

I’d love to have lots of people join in the DietBet! Not only can we post on the group to encourage and motivate each other (and hold each other accountable) but the more people who join means the more money in the pot to WIN! You can join the DietBet here!  It kicks off on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 28th!!!

If you have ANY questions for me (as I know this post covered a TON of info) you can email me at!

I can’t wait to meet our goals together!!!

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