Gettin’ Weddin’ Ready!

After getting my nails all beautiful with Rachael (which I truly ENJOYED having them painted btw…I felt so “grown up” haha) she dropped me off at the hair salon with the other bridesmaids and beautiful bride to make ourselves even more beautiful (I know, it doesn’t seem possible!) before the big event!

(I want to give another shout out to Dana for all the beautiful pictures – if they are good ones, then the probably came from her! Don’t forget to check out her website:

Doesn’t Laura make a natural model?

While I LOVED all the events leading up to the wedding day, I think getting ready together that morning was one of my favorite memories. It was just so fun to be with everyone and laugh together and give each other little tips about things!

Doesn’t Mrs. Tracey look beautiful? She was a PROUD M.O.B!

They hair salon gave us a steal to get our hair done and after the tough time I had doing mine for Brandon and Chrissy’s wedding I decided to have done by a professional this time around. I basically told her to do whatever she could for the cheapest price and that my main goal was to walk out and have my husband think I look beautiful. He hates poofy hair so I just told her not to do that but that anything else was a go! Here’s what she ended up doing:

(btw…my necklace is the Avery Chains and Pearl Necklace and it’s prob my fav Stella & Dot piece so far)

I really liked it, what do you think?

I was pretty pumped to get to wear our little towel wraps that Danielle gave us at the bridal luncheon. I haven’t ever owned anything like that (I know, I live a sheltered existence) and I wasn’t sure if we were all going 100% bare or wearing panties or what so I was glad when Chelsea and Taylor changed with me. Which, by the way, I have to mention two things about changing with them 1) Chelsea has an AMAZING body. Forget saying she has an amazing body “for a mother of three” she just has a plan HOTT BOD. Made me jealous! and 2) Taylor (who has seen me naked plenty of times over the years – as all of you probably have if we’ve ever spent the night together, I’m not too shy haha) said I look good too which pretty much made my day! 

Since I got my hair done first and I was one of the only bridesmaids not to do the airbrush makeup (it looked great on everyone but I didn’t wanna spend any extra money…Zach should be proud!), I spent most of my time coaching everyone up on how to look good in pictures. I know: someone who is not very photogenic telling everyone else how to pose is kinda a funny thought but they all soaked up everything I had to say (lots of America’s Next Top Model watching is paying off!).

Isn’t this picture of Katie so beautiful? I’m such a good coach!

The trick is: hand on hip, one foot perpendicular with the other one, tuck chin slightly, soft smile. 

Works great huh Chelsea?

I LOVE all the pictures in our little wraps – GREAT idea Danielle 🙂

Since Danielle blogged about her little bridal breakdown I guess it’s okay to mention it in mine too! She was just stressed and I was so surprised that the hair/makeup people made her wait until LAST to get ready…with 8 bridesmaids we were guaranteed to be late, ya know? I felt so bad that she felt stress on her wedding day and I was so worried that I somehow caused it. I think all of us were, but we just wanted Danielle to have the perfect day! We let her finish getting ready on her own and headed over to the church in a limo. How cool is it that we had a limo? Here’s some limo shots (in our sexy towels…I’m sure the driver was in Heaven!)

Katie and I

Beth and Chelsea

Laura, Dana, and Chelsi

Me, Katie, Taylor, Beth and Chelsea

Once Danielle arrived at the church she was feeling MUCH better and ready to be Mrs. Butler! Turns out that we had more than enough time and had the opportunity to take TONS of pictures. We all got on our bridesmaid dresses and helped Danielle put on her gorgeous gown.

Bridesmaid ready!

super pumped 😉

Chelsi was the maid of honor and Dana was the matron of honor. I thought it was so special how they both did something personal for Danielle on her wedding day. Dana had a handkerchief done with blue embroidery for Danielle’s “something blue” and Chelsi pinned a little angel on her dress for her “something borrowed.”

Chelsea’s son, Brock, was the ring bearer. He has his Mama’s smile-isn’t he PRECIOUS?

moments before walking down the aisle!

isn’t she the most BEAUTIFUL bride?!?!

Aren’t all these fun wedding posts worth the wait? 🙂

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