Fire Station Visit

As a stay at home mom sometimes it’s tough to find things to do. Especially since, duh, I don’t want to be going by myself with my kid all the time to things! Luckily, I found a playgroup online for our town and have become a member. I actually joined back when Kye was a little under a year old but with his morning nap we couldn’t make it to anything. Now that he’s dropped it, we’re free to go and do more in the mornings and that’s when the group holds most of their events. Two Wednesdays ago they hosted a “play date” at a local fire station. After Kye’s one year photo shoot at a fire station Kye has loved his fireman hat so I figured at the very least it was a good opportunity for us to get a new hat 🙂

It was extremely hot out (thanks to the mom who couldn’t resist pointing out to me that I put my kid in long sleeves…it’s a linen shirt okay?) but it was well worth the sweat. Robyn and Lorelai actually came out with us but Lorelai just wasn’t into it so they didn’t stay very long. The firemen gave a GREAT lesson about fire safety and dressed up in the gear they wear when fighting a fire. Children are obviously scared when their house is on fire and will often run away from the firemen because they look so scary in their outfits and sound so funny through their masks. Kye got to go up and touch the fireman in all his gear and see that he’s not scary. While I think Kye was a little too young to “get it” I do think it’s CRITICAL for us to do this type of thing a couple times a year to help teach fire safety!

After the lesson, the kids got to climb up in the truck. Kye was the only one that got to go up with the fireman (he may have had a slight crush on mommy…)! He acted shy which is odd for him, but he was probably just sticking up for daddy 😉

“don’t you mess with my mommy”

big boy driving the truck!

another fire fighter hat…score!

A little boy in our group knew all about fire safety and I was beyond impressed. I talked to his mom about it and she said she bought a video that teaches fire safety. If I find out what video it is, I’ll update this post but I totally plan to buy it as fire safety is so important to teach our children! I encourage everyone to find out about doing such a visit at your local fire station…it’s educational and FUN and I look forward to visiting again in the future (whenever we need another free hat haha).

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