Fire Station Visit 2014

Every summer we go to the local fire station for a fire safety lesson and to check out the fire trucks. I first put this event together because when I originally went it was with a group in the community of moms. You had to pay to be a member of the group and I ended up deciding to drop out of it because we could so rarely go to events with naps and all. I called the forestation and asked if I could put together my own group for the fire safety lesson and they said sure! We’ve gone every year and every summer the group continues to grow and grow!

It’s really neat because Fireman Justin now totally knows my kids…this year it was pretty obvious because he always called on Kye and Britt to participate 🙂 

Kye discussing smoke detectors 

Britt’s favorite part of the morning was when Kye got “rescued by the fireman”

After the safety lesson they let us go up in the area where the firemen cook, sleep, and basically live when they are on the job. It was neat to see the “behind the scenes” setting (no fire pole though?!?!) and it was nice and COOL too!

Back outside everyone waited to get to use the water hose and see the fire trucks!

Britt got to be first in line!

All business!

Wild man!

Robyn goes with us pretty much every year but she also basically loathes it haha. This year however she was actually excited because Cooper is at such a fun age and he was SO INTO IT. It was too cute!!!

Kye got in the seat and politely smiled and then got down…

Britt tried to straight up drive the beast!

Kye asked for a picture by himself 😉

This year’s crew!

After we all went to Chick – Fil – A to cool off and play! The kids had SO much fun playing with their friends. We ended up staying there for a solid 2 hours haha. It was adorable too to see so many children I’ve known since they were born all being old enough to eat together at their own kids table!

Proof of a fun morning: SUPER dirty feet!

The annual fire station visit was the LAST thing on my “must do this summer” list 🙂 After that day all we had to do was WAIT for Leo to arrive! We had a great, fun morning and hope everyone else who attended enjoyed it as well!

You can look back at our past visits here:





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  1. Robyn Mullican
    August 7, 2014 / 12:14 am

    I feel like there's a mention on here every year about how much I hate it?? Bahahahaha.

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