Final St Augustine Day

All good things must come to an end and the same was true of our family vacation. We ended our trip with a second morning at the beach! This summer was a non-stop rainy one. Like every day it rained! However, we got SO BLESSED with our weather for our vacation. It was beautiful every single day of our trip!!!

I have to give props to my husband. He is a beast and carries a massive amount of stuff all by himself to and from the car over and over again. He loads and unloads our car for vacations (although there is a balance there since I do most of the packing of the suitcases!) and lugs all this stuff to and from the beach each time! 

Kye and Britt helped some though…I mean carrying a boogie board and a football counts as helping right? And I mean I totally worked up a sweat carrying Britt and my camera πŸ˜‰

 Ready to catch some waves!

 Daddy even got a turn to enjoy the water!

 The kids and Zach put a LOT of effort into castle building that morning. It was a fun project for them to work on together!

 I love my baby girl πŸ™‚

 Lunch time!

I thought it was so neat to see the turtle nesting grounds. As a kid we went to watch the sea turtles lay their eggs and it’s an amazing experience. I hope we are able to take our kids out someday to see it too!

Once the castle was completed I had the idea (see, I did contribute some haha) to find seashells to decorate it with! We went further up the beach to do some shell hunting and to find the prettiest ones!


 Ending our beach fun!

Our beach morning WAS amazing…but it also makes me sad to look at these pictures. Up until this point my foot had been healing wonderfully and in Memphis I was pain free the entire time! Somehow I tweaked my foot while on this trip πŸ™ I’m pretty sure it was the sand and walking on the beach and it hasn’t been the same sense. The dr said that it’s the scar tissue but I’m back in tennis shoes all the time which is SUCH a BUMMER!!! 

After the beach we decided to hit up some Froyo. It was our SECOND time getting ice cream during the vacation and Kye said it was his favorite thing about the whole trip. Several weeks later he’d still talk about how we got “ice cream at the beach two times” πŸ˜‰ While Kilwin’s was delicious, I have to say I prefer froyo!

 I love Britt eyeing the cup πŸ˜‰

We had the place to ourselves and they were blasting some awesome old school jams. Once we were done eating we let the kids have a little dance party since there weren’t any other customers! Gotta get that energy out before naps, right?

After froyo we hit up the hotel pool and played for awhile. Another family was there with a boy Kye’s age and they hit it off right away! It was cute to see him play so well with someone he didn’t know and it was also refreshing to see how well behaved Kye is compared to another boy his same age…ohmygoodness boys are SO WILD!!! That kid was all over the place haha!!! I think he wore Zach out for sure πŸ˜‰ The kids took a SUPER long nap (guess all the fun caught up with them!) then we watched Mulan that afternoon while Zach prepared dinner for us. I’d never seen Mulan before but we own it so I figured it was a good time to watch it. I like to watch movies with my kids when they haven’t seen them before (and if I haven’t seen it already) and try to talk about the movie with them, point out poor choices characters may make etc BOTH kids fell in LOVE with the movie!!! It surprised me how hardcore they were about some Mulan πŸ˜‰

To end our fabulous trip we had breakfast for dinner! I think it’s so fun to have waffles while on vacation. I can’t remember us ever even making them at home haha That waffle maker of ours has made quite a few journeys at this point! Zach is a pro when it comes to all things breakfast food so I got to get some cuddles in while watching the movie and he prepared the dinner. It was a HIT!

Our trip couldn’t have gone more perfectly. Seriously, it was PERFECT. The hotel room really worked out just right for us. Britt was able to sleep in the HUGE walk-in closet so it was like she had her own room and Kye slept on his toddler air mattress on one side of the room while we slept in a bed on the other side. All of us slept so wonderfully, the weather was amazing, and we enjoyed time together! It def made up for the issues we had last year and made me SO excited to go back again next year!!! 

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  1. miranda
    September 17, 2013 / 7:22 pm

    The kids are getting so big! How cute are they! I loved mulan as a kid and haven't watched recently. Curious how you explained her acting as a man? Did you say she was pretending or did you say it was a bad choice (lying) even if she was trying to support her family? I'm surprised they weren't scared during fighting scenes! I love hearing aka reading how you explain things to your kids because you have such easy to follow but true ways of making bad things make sense!

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