Final Morning at the Beach

On our last morning at the beach we got up early and Robyn took some family pictures for us. We had a great idea before going on the trip that one morning I’d take family beach pics of her family and then another morning she’d do the same for me using her nice DSLR camera! I thought the morning I took their pics that they turned out great…Lorelai was in a sweet mood and everything was so pretty down by the water. Well for our morning we could literally SEE the storm coming towards us and Kye would not allow any pictures to be taken because he saw the water and it was calling his name! I will be posting the pics once I get them from her camera (as when you upload to Picasa then try to save them from Picasa they turn out SO grainy!). After our pics we raced back up to the room to eat breakfast and to decide whether or not the rain was going to catch us.

breakfast of champions

rain headin’ our way

multitasking: eating powdered donut and loading luggage cart

We lucked out…the rain came and left and while we could still see it in the distance it was good to go to the beach for a little bit before we had to check out! Yay! I love seeing Kye so happy to be heading towards the beach. Here’s a video of him running to the water for the first time that day!

Matt dug his feet deeeep in the sand, even I was taller than him!

We had three goals for that morning:

1. Get a good picture of ME with Kye (since if you haven’t noticed Daddy and Kye shots always DOMINATE our vacations…)

Zach for some reason thinks this is adorable of me? Seriously?

Goal #1: success! (minus my funky elbow)

2. Get a picture of the kids together (an impossible task with 2 toddlers!)

Robyn and Zach held them together then counted to three….

…and let go! Goal #2: FAILED

3. Get a good family picture (since it seems like our child will NEVER look cute in a family shot!!!)

Goal #3: SUCCESS! SCORE!!!!

We only hung out at the beach for an hour or so then played in the outdoor pool before loading up and hitting the road. We stopped at a Chick-fil-a (the one in Ormond Beach which is NO JOKE the BEST Chick-Fil-A ever..Mrs. Tammie and Ms. Happy are awesome!) and ate lunch and let the kids play since check-out time from the hotel was earlier than nap-time and we wanted some sleepy babies in the cars.

I was pretty sad to leave the beach…one reason was because Kye LOVES it so much and had such a good time and the other reason was because I dreaded coming back home to continue facing this house situation. It’s such a downer!!!

I feel like the trip overall was a success! It was our first time traveling with another family with children and I thought it all went well. Luckily, Lorelai’s schedule is pretty in-sync with Kye’s so that made outings easy and it made the parents on the same page with most things. After spending so much time together I think that Lorelai and Kye are more comfortable together and play better together than they did prior to the trip. I also feel like WE know Matt and Robyn better and have developed a stronger friendship! We had a great time and were sad to see the trip end!

Good-bye Beach! See you again soon!

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