Family Photos Nov 2016

As always I’m super mega thankful for Lindsay Colson (Captured By Colson) and her incredible work with our family! She is always great at finding the perfect spot for pics and capturing our best. She does awesome family pics but really specializes in weddings and senior portraits. Y’all if you haven’t seen her work then check it out! I’m always blown AWAY by the awesome stuff she does with seniors! Such a better option than boring backdrops at school like I had 😉

We took these pics in mid-November. It was that time period of waiting for Zach’s news. We knew something was going on but we didn’t yet know what. I wish we’d had the pics prior to any of this knowledge at all! You know how people will say “oh so and so has really aged this year b/c they are dealing with so much”? Yeah well I feel like the bags under my eyes are just getting deeper and deeper and I’m looking rougher and rougher. So I don’t LOVE the way I look in these. But it’s who I am right now in this phase of life. Photos aren’t just meant to get all the GOOD moments but I love that it’s about real life moments too. And real life right now has been a bit rough for me so I look the part 😉 Praying that next year’s Christmas card photos show a more well-rested, happier me 😉

It was our first time really decking out in the holiday colors for pics! I figured why not just go all out about it? I really love how all the colors came together!!! It screams holiday for sure! Technically these were for Britt’s 5th Birthday (but who is keeping track of that junk at this point?) but Lindsay is always wonderful about getting plenty of solo shots of everyone! My goal was to put together outfits with stuff we already owned. The only things I purchased were Britt’s shoes (which she needed new boots anyway) and Zach’s shirt (which he was also in need of a new black dress shirt).



The location of these pics was at Georgia Bible Camp. Zach grew up attending Georgia Bible Camp every summer and it’s a special place for us because it’s where he baptized me 🙂 These pics were made even more special by getting to use a blanket Katie made for us! She makes the most beautiful CUSTOM blankets and has JUST opened up an Etsy shop! It’s called Hitch & Hook and you can check it out here 🙂  We also used a blanket she made for Tess back in our family pics at the same location in 2014 🙂





I literally threw together this outfit day of…SO unlike me!

And she insisted on wearing the silver shoes so I rolled with it. Cool mom status or what?






I love that we’ll always have pics of this precious gap tooth grin 🙂 

(Can I say I prefer this look on kids rather than the goofy BIG TEETH that are to come?!?!)





Kye tends to REALLY cheese it up for the camera! I am thankful he’s camera ready but it’s tough to capture that NATURAL smile. I love these serious ones!!!





My babies!









It’s also important to us to have pics of each of us solo with each kid 🙂 I know these are the pics that will really be SUPER special for them as they grow up!














I especially appreciate the time Lindsay set aside for some pics of JUST Zach and I. With everything going on it was such a blessing to me to have these pics. No matter what we face in life, I’m thankful we face it together!













And of course family pics! Super thankful to Mrs Charlotte for helping get the kids smiling 🙂 






This picture wasn’t planned. It happened completely on accident but when I went through all the pics she sent to me, this one stopped me. It really showcases how I feel right now in this phase of life. With everything going on I just feel like everyone is leaning on me and that I have to be strong for the kids and for Zach. It’s hard and I’m tired and I just want to be that support system they all need me to be. I’m def struggling with feeling that weight on my shoulders and it’s tough for me to fully let it go and give it over to the Lord. 



My biggest blessings! SO thankful for my family and thankful to Lindsay for these amazing images! She is so great at making these sessions FUN (even for Zach!) and we are always so blown away by the end results!


Got any favorites? It was tough for me to choose for Christmas Cards but you can see how they turned out here!


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