Family Photos – December 2015

We’ve had family photos taken with Captured by Colson many, many times. We always have an awesome experience working with her but some of our sessions have that bit of magic to them that no one can plan: perfect weather, happy children, great lighting, etc. It just all clicks! 

Our December session was one of those times! We met Lindsay at Hambricks Tree Farm and I asked Mrs. Charlotte to come out there with us as the tree farm is close to her house and I knew she could help get smiles out of the kids. Well…she was the missing link to really give us those awesome sibling and family shots that we’ve struggled to get in the past! Our kids love their G-Mama and smiles were abundant at this session! It really all couldn’t have gone more perfectly. I had a boost in my confidence after completing my challenge which really allowed me to feel at ease during the session and just ENJOY it! We love Lindsay and are always so happy with the entire experience of working with her. I especially appreciate how quickly she gets the images back to me…we took these on Dec 1st and I had to use them for Christmas cards! Hello time concerns πŸ˜‰

This session was technically for Britt’s 4 year photos. BUT since Tess turns 18 months old at the end of Jan we figured we’d combine the two. We won’t do pics again until Tess turns 2! The hot summer months are tough for pics (sweat aint pretty!) so I’m hoping we’ll luck out with another magical session then πŸ˜‰ The pics from this session ended up being among my fav pics EVER! I’m seriously so in love with them! Usually when I go to put together our Christmas cards I have just a couple really awesome family shots to choose from but this time I had too many to even decide! 

First up: Solo Kid Shots! (We have learned that starting with Britt is best…and I made sure to pick out clothes for her that were COMFORTABLE! Everything I did buy for these photos came from Old Navy…I even let her wear my old headband and necklace so she could feel special!)







I had outfits picked out for all of us and then I found this fur vest I’d bought at a kids sale awhile back and I knew I had to make it work so I scratched everything I’d planned and started over all because of this vest πŸ™‚ 





Kye is just SO grown now in all these pics! He’s our easiest one at photo sessions. It’s click click click and he’s good to go πŸ˜‰



 {13} My fav!

At every photo session with Lindsay I tell her my goals are sibling shots and family shots b/c those are the two toughest things for me to accomplish on my own. When it came to this session I didn’t feel the pressure I normally feel to get an awesome sibling pic. I had GREAT luck at our family trip to Hambricks and had snapped an awesome one of all three kids. I knew if I didn’t LOVE how these turned out that I could always use that for our cards this year. By not having that feeling of stress about it I think it made it go SO much smoother and made the results WAY better! Relaxed, go with the flow mommy makes all the difference πŸ™‚






 {19} One of my FAVS!


 {21} It doesn’t get any better than that πŸ™‚ 

Something I try to do at photo sessions is get individual pics of Zach and I with each child. I know it may seem silly but I think it’s nice for them to have pics of JUST them with their parents. I like to be able to use them for their birthday letters from us and I think they will be nice to have for their weddings some day as well πŸ™‚ 

Again, Britt goes first πŸ˜‰



 {24} So perfect of Britt, she knows how to make people laugh and brings me SUCH joy!

 {25} My fav of us!




I love that from Tess’s very first photos we have so many awesome ones of her and I together. I think often people look at families with multiple children and think that the bonds created can’t be as strong as the ones with the older kids but that’s so not the case at all! Tess is so special to us and she’s special in her own unique way! 








 {36} My fav guys


I will forever cherish these of Kye and I together. He’s growing up so quickly and I’m so thankful that the bond we share is one that I know won’t fade as he gets older.



Something I love about Lindsay is that she makes sure to capture the whole family. Not just the kids but the love between parents too! Zach and I had just come through a rough patch and were finally in such a good place when we had these photos taken. I love that she took the time to get some of just us together (and glad G-Mama was there so we didn’t have to be distracted worried about the kids!). I feel the love we have when I look at these and it’s a great reminder of the blessing we share in our marriage. I’m one lucky woman πŸ™‚




 {43} fav!








Last, but not least, FAMILY! Again I just can’t get over how many great shots Lindsay got of us! I take pics sometimes for Casey of their family and when you try to do that for someone else it really shows you just how talented photographers are. Lindsay understands lighting and posing and really just gets US! I love, love, love these πŸ™‚



 {53} had to have at least one of Britt’s cheesy grin πŸ˜‰







 {60} Fav family pic of all time πŸ™‚

So thankful again to Lindsay (from Captured by Colson) as well as to Mrs. Charlotte for her help in making this our fav session yet! Lindsay not only does killer family sessions but she specializes in weddings, engagements, and senior portraits. She also has started doing personalize pet portrait paintings and they are phenomenal. You can check them out on her Etsy page!

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