Family Beach Pics!

Bright and early on our last full day at the beach we took turns getting some family pictures. I LOVE having pictures of my little family and it’s so hard to make that happen…imagine if I had THREE little ones like Seth and Crissy do! I was glad that we could help each other out taking some pics. I did theirs first since Titus had to go down for a nap, here’s my favorites of their little shoot:

While Titus napped Seth went with us to take some of our family. The condo property had beautiful trees and water views! So many great places to take some pics for sure! We didn’t have very much luck with a family shot though 🙁 Here’s the cutest of the bunch!

 probably my favorite?

Had to get one of the boys together!

I let Seth head back and we stayed down there for a little while longer letting Kye enjoy dipping his toes in the water and playing along the shore. Duh, I snapped pictures as we went. I’m a big believer in taking a MILLION shots b/c then you’ll get a couple awesome ones!

 Favorite picture of the day!!!

Wouldn’t this be PRECIOUS if Zach didn’t have on those DANG GLASSES?!?

 I’m wearing my Stella and Dot Toujours Necklace. Toujours Earrings, and Bardot Spiral Bangle

 heading back to the condo

 he loved the hat, my little beach boy 😉

Crissy and I decided to snap some more pictures of just the two of us! It’s our first time really being pregnant together (Stevie’s about a year older than Kye and Neela was born the July after him so we were only pregnant together for a short time and I was HUGE while she was tiny!) and it’s exciting! She’s due a month or so after me so I’m excited to take more pictures together when we’re both BIG!

 She’s like 8 or 9 weeks here and I’m 16 weeks

We had a WONDERFUL trip with Seth, Crissy, Stevie, Neela and Titus (and baby Rocket too!). It was SO sweet of them to invite us and we made some great memories together. We were excited to be heading back to St. Augustine for our family trip that following weekend. We’ve been some busy people for sure!!! Thanks again to the Megows for having us and for being such fabulous friends – we love you guys!

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