Easter Pictures

Getting some good pictures for Easter was pretty important to me! We got Kye an AWESOME outfit and I wanted to get some of him because I don’t really dress him cute then take pictures like I used to when he was little (hellllo he’s too active to even attempt it!). We got him up and dressed Saturday morning and took him out in Mom’s pretty front yard. Luckily we got all the pictures we wanted before the sprinklers turned on!!!

this is the same chair I had when I was a toddler 🙂

i LOVE when he shows off those teeth!


Kye with Gramma on Easter

Didn’t have much luck with the family pics (he was wore out from his shots!)

fist pump

these are the best ones, Zach may not love them of him but we just couldn’t get a good one of all of us 🙁

Happy Late Easter!

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