Disney Live: Minnie and Mickey’s Doorway to Magic

I love any opportunity to have fun experiences with my kids! A few years ago we attended a Disney On Ice performance and REALLY loved it. I looked into going again but it fell when Zach and I were in Cali in April AND it was crazy expensive this year. When I saw that Disney Live was coming to Tallahassee I jumped on it and it was a perfect fun thing to do before Zach and I went to New Orleans. Of course my #dfw (down for whatever) partner, Casey, was in too πŸ˜‰ 

I bought the tickets then a couple weeks later had a freak out moment when Kye came home from school with info about a class field trip. The same day as Disney Live. It was the biggest filed trip he’s been on yet and included a bus ride to Tallahassee. On the upside? I was also going to Tally so I could pick him up from the field trip and head over to the show. On the downside? I wasn’t able to attend the field trip with him which killed me! He was nervous about me not being there and traveling so far from home but I knew he’d be okay and that I’d get to pick him up after so I felt okay about it. 

We kept the adventure a surprise for Britt (I had to tell Kye in advance so he’d understand why I wasn’t going on the field trip with him). She didn’t have the most excited reaction haha

here’s a video πŸ™‚ 

She was more excited about her new Rapunzel dress…and missing school!

My original plan was for Britt to go to school and check her out early but since we had to pick up Kye from the field trip we went ahead and headed down earlier. We hit up Barnes and Noble b/c #dealz and let the kids “read” haha.

Quite a few funny stories from our Barnes and Noble stop:

No one interested in the books


I attempted to read a story to them. Obviously no one cared

Tess was the only one really into the books haha

Carter was into jumping off things 

After we hit up Panera for lunch! It was pretty hilarious because this guy who worked there would, legit, not leave us alone. We couldn’t decide if he was hitting on Casey or was just really overly talkative or what. Usually I’m all about friendliness but it was just too much. 

The Panera was only a couple minutes down the road from Kye’s field trip so I felt good about being there in plenty of time. Then we went to leave and it was SUCH BAD TRAFFIC. Y’all I was FREAKING OUT. 

I was on the phone with his teacher and did eventually get to him but it did hold up everyone leaving. MOM FAIL. 

He said the field trip was really fun and I def wanna make sure I’m able to attend when Britt goes!!!

As if I didn’t feel bad enough already haha

We got to the show in plenty of time to get our seats and get comfortable! (and we were CRUNK) The kids LOVED being dressed up and it was so cute seeing Tess rock Britt’s old Rapunzel dress πŸ™‚ I asked Kye if he wanted to wear regular clothes, a Mickey t-shirt, or dress up and he wanted to dress up. I know he’s on that age verge of being too old for things and I never wanna force it but I’m also ALL ABOUT IT if he is!

We had AWESOME seats!!!

I LOVE seeing Kye SO into stuff! He got up and danced and everything!

I’m SO thankful we went to this event. Not only because it was fun, but because it let me get a taste of Tess at Disney. Britt has THE BEST reactions to stuff. She gets super excited and it makes sharing new experiences with her really, really fun. I forgot completely about how Kye was always super mellow (still is) and doesn’t overly react to things. DUH. Tess is just like her mama so she’s that same way. Just real chill. Which is FINE but I can see myself being disappointed by her lack of reaction at Disney if I didn’t have the Disney Live show to prepare myself!

Carter is more excited like Britt which is super fun! His smile was SO HUGE when Mickey came out!

It was SO fun seeing all the characters and was GREAT for Tess to see them all for the first time! 

Disney Live was MUCH cheaper than Disney on Ice and I do see why. It’s def cooler to see them all on skates but they still had a lot of neat performances in the show, great songs, and a cute (but loose) storyline. Everyone loved it and I’d def attend one again in the future!

I also used my post about Disney on Ice for tips on how to prepare for this event as well πŸ™‚ Snacks, glow sticks, and dressing up for the win!

Rapunzel was a favorite for sure!

I brought these candy necklaces I still have from Tess’s birthday party and they were kinda a disaster haha the blue powder and slobbery kids wasn’t a good mix!


Casey ended up with BOTH toddlers in her lap haha

Your welcome Casey for the candy necklace πŸ˜‰

We all had a BLAST! I’m so happy that Kye still enjoyed it so much!

This is Tess’s crunk face πŸ˜‰

We went to McD for dinner on the way home and at that point it was just OVER. It’d been a long day and the toddlers hadn’t napped and me and Casey desperately were in need of caffeine haha

Sleepy silly quickly turned into meltdown city…

Casey and I survived the day! It’ll def go down as one epic adventure! 

If you have the opportunity to attend a Disney Live or Disney on Ice performance then I do highly recommend them. Especially if you’re kids haven’t visited Disney yet. It’s a great way to expose them to the characters from a distance. And if you do have Disney loving kids? Then it’s a great way to fill the Disney void between trips πŸ˜‰ 


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