Colt’s 4th Birthday

This is my second blog post for the day…I posted about a GIVEAWAY this morning! So be sure to enter here!

I’m sure many of you know Courtney’s story about her kids…but she and Brad tried to get pregnant for awhile before getting pregnant with Colt. He was born at the end of May in 2008. Then 11 months later, on May 1st of 2009 Payton was born! Um 11 months apart. Can you even imagine?!?! It cracked me up that on Courtney’s first Mother’s Day she had two kids already! Kye was born in March of 2009 so he’s right in the middle of her two, which is super fun. They are at the age now where they really love each other and it’s adorable!!!

Since the kids both have birthdays the same month it’s tricky for Courtney to plan them. She had Payton’s at a local park and decided to have Colt’s at Jumpin’ Jacks. I thought Jumpin’ Jacks was a GREAT idea. Nice AC and they pretty much set up the entire party for her. And the kids LOVED it. I highly recommend it!!!

Colt LOVES trucks and tractors (his influence is a big reason Kye is so into cars himself!)

Britt enjoyed her bottle with Daddy


The three kids together at a bounce house place?!?! It was INSANE. They were totally and completely WILD CHILDREN and it was allowed 🙂 They had such a great time!!!

This Lightning McQueen was the favorite

Jolee loves the babies!

Cake time for the Birthday Boy

I adore this 🙂

He was in Heaven with these Capri Sun drinks…

Have you ever shopped at the Disney Store online? We don’t have a local Disney store but I’ve become a HUGE fan of their website! They have CONSTANT deals and I’ve already started racking up on Christmas gifts 🙂 We got Colt this really cool remote control Lightning McQueen for $30 but it was buy one get one free so I got Kye one to put up for Christmas. Um, awesome deal!!! All the toys they have on their site and cheaper than I’ve even seen at Walmart!!! Def check it out if you’re kids like Disney stuff!

The funniest thing of the party was to watch the kids go down the Lightning McQueen slide. Colt has ZERO fear. He would JUMP (face first) off the top of the slide. Of course Kye and Payton copied him and they kept doing it over, and over and over again. Kye was worn out afterwards! I tried to get a video of it but, of course, they started going down the other slide so I missed it. Oh well!



Going Again!

It’s SO sweet how much Kye adores his cousins. They are his best friends. When they are all together it tends to be Colt leading, Kye following Colt then Payton following Kye. Poor Payton! I’m ready for her and Britt to be able to play together 🙂 The awesome thing about family is that we KNOW Kye will get to be friends with Colt and Payton forever. It’s such a special bond and I’m so thankful for it 🙂

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  1. Elizabeth
    June 18, 2012 / 8:28 am

    It is great when the cousins love each other so much.  My kids have 5 (almost 6) cousins and adore them so much.  I love the pic of Kye with his Capri Sun.  Whenever Damian goes to a party he downs one in about two seconds since I don't let him have that kind of stuff at home. 

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