Reasons to Keep Gender a Surprise at Birth

Why keep the baby’s gender a surprise at birth? Let’s discuss the benefits! Zach and I didn’t find out the sex of any of our three biological babies while I was pregnant. We both agreed… View Post

Packing for the Hospital

I’m currently expecting baby #3! I have learned a LOT about the fine art of hospital bag packing 😉 With my first pregnancy I way, way, way overpacked. Like I mean I packed board games… View Post

What To Pack For Hospital

I waaay waaay waaaaaaay over-packed for the hospital. We did this because I hate hospitals, we wanted to have entertainment in case I had a slow, long labor while in the hospital, and I didn’t… View Post

Post Baby Body

I heard many, many horror stories about the postpartum period. I am not saying that I have had a textbook postpartum period, but this is my experience! I’m now 15 days past the date of… View Post

Photo Journal of Natural Childbirth!

I know, I know…I owe you guys 1) some pics of this baby and 2) a nice long, descriptive, honest review of labor! I myself have JUST had the chance to sit down and look… View Post