How to Treat an Adoptive Mama “In Waiting”

How to Treat an Adoptive Mama “In Waiting” I have carried three babies in my womb. I’ve experienced pregnancy and everything that comes with it. The sweet smiles from strangers, happy chatter, excitedly asked questions.… View Post

Spear’s Adoption Finalization – Team Parker is COMPLETE!

Since the day Mama E signed over her parental rights (On December 3rd!) we’ve been in the post placement phase of Spear’s adoption. You can read what this stage of the process is all about… View Post

Adoption FAQ: Post Placement Process

Adoption FAQ: Post Placement Process Adoption is a very in-depth journey and I love that I’m learning SO MUCH about it as I’m living it and that I’m able to share my knowledge with others.… View Post

Showing Love to The Expectant Mother during Adoption

Many people who talk about adoption focus solely on the baby. The future the baby will have. The opportunities. The blessing that adoption can be in that baby’s life. The amount of joy they adoptive… View Post

Gift Ideas for the Expectant Mother from the Adoptive Family

I know this is an extremely specific post but this is a topic I personally struggled with and wanted to post on in order to help others who may also be struggling. When matched with an… View Post