Casey and Jordan Professonal Wedding Pics II

Jeez sometimes Blogger drives me NUTS!!! I tried six times to upload these pictures!!! Finally here they are 🙂 

This is all the rest of my favorite pictures from Casey and Jordan’s wedding day. The day could not have been more beautiful!!! Javon Longieliere captured the beauty of every moment through his work (you can go see my post on the first half of the day here!). When we all first looked through ALL the pictures he took, we were literally blown away. I’m so thankful that Casey got to have her day be so special and that she’ll have these images to forever cherish! Again you can click on all of them to make them bigger…Enjoy!


Jars of honey for the favors

 Personalized pens for the wedding mad libs

 We all did a little dance as they announced the bridal party!

 Brad is so funny 😉

 I remember looking around during their first dance and just soaking in the true BEAUTY of the moment!

 Don’t all the colors look AMAZING?!?!

 Father Daughter dance 🙂

 The kids attempting to steal the show 😉


 Jordan and his mama

 Isn’t this beautiful?

 Pepe is always so silly but I love this photo b/c of Casey. Look at the true joy on her face. Priceless!

 Zach prayed for the food

 Cake table

 Photos from their engagement session (also with Javon)

 Grooms cake…cheesecake. SO YUMMY!

 Photos from their parents weddings

 Filling out mad libs!

 Ribbons to use for their send-off

 Guest book and gift table

 Such a devoted daddy 😉

 Kids craft table


With Grandma Brenda…ignore Britt’s pjs 🙂

 Laughing at Jordan’s Uncle Max’s toast 😉

 Forks I bought them!

 Cake cutting


 Sweet Big Daddy



Here are my favorite photos of the wedding party and family!!!

Baby Whisperer 😉

Casey is SO blessed to have all of her grandparents at her wedding!!!

Awesome 😉

A Big Daddy SMILE!?!?!


I love these of Big Daddy and Little Mama…so true to their personalities 🙂

With the boys

Look at Kye pimpin it haha

Sweet girls

attempt with all the kids…fail as usual

Jordan and the ladies

Opening his gift from Casey

I LOVE the tuxes. Like seriously the color was AMAZING!!!

Kye adores Uncle Jordan 🙂


I’m so thankful Zach has a best friend!!!

Too cute

Jordan’s grandma, Dot, is truly PRECIOUS

All the wedding party…with several extra guys thrown in??? 

Check out Kye’s pose haha

Colt hiding…Kye standing like he’s peeing?

Parker Family

Our family

Yes, Colt hiding haha 

My blessings

Plyler Clan

Pepe is proud to be Casey’s grandfather!

Candy rewards, well earned!!!


The little princess 🙂

And here are some of Casey and Jordan’s bride and groom pics!

I LOVE how the umbrella ones turned out…patting myself on the back here 😉

Oh Jordan

Their tree 🙂

Such a beautiful couple!

Isn’t she STUNNING?!?!?!

I KNOW I said this in my original blog post about their wedding day but truly, truly it was perfection. Casey was even more beautiful than usual (which she is ALWAYS so dang pretty) and they were both so very happy. It was a contagious happy…we ALL felt it. Their love radiated and I pray that the emotions they felt that day are something they can remember back on during the “tough spots” in married life (us married people know what I’m talking about right???). I know just looking at these pictures makes ME feel happier and like I want to run off with Zach right now and have our wedding day all over again.

Casey and Jordan are two of my very favorite people and we are so blessed to have them in our lives. I hope everyone has enjoyed viewing these awesome pictures as much as I have…and that these posts inspire Casey to start putting together her wedding album!!! It’s about time 😉 Happy 6 Months Newlyweds!!!


  1. Brittany
    October 2, 2012 / 3:50 pm

    Casey and Jordan's first dance was the prettiest part of the wedding! I love all of the pictures. The colors are so vibrant!

  2. Bobbi
    October 2, 2012 / 4:23 pm

    Really beautiful wedding and you are right the photographer is wonderful.

  3. Michelle Nelson
    October 2, 2012 / 9:44 pm

    Seriously SUCH a gorgeous wedding! And the photos are AMAZING!

  4. Robyn Mullican
    October 3, 2012 / 12:26 am

    It looks SO beautiful!! Cali was fun, but I do hate that I missed this!

  5. Crissy
    October 3, 2012 / 2:39 pm

    love these! Casey is the bomb!!!

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