Carter’s 1st Birthday Party: Time Flies

I cannot believe that sweet little Carter is ONE! I was so excited for his special day and was eager to get to see all the cute things Casey put together for his party. Y’all don’t even know how awesome it has been to be a mother with Casey. We are so alike in so many ways with our parenting and now with our party planning too 😉 She did an AWESOME job! The theme of “time flies” was adorable (and so true!) and it all came together perfectly. Her hard work paid off and it was a SUPER fun, SUPER cute party!

Here are some of the party details:

Publix did the breakaway cupcake cake as well as the smash cake. Is this not so cute?!?! Spoiler alert but I 100% copied the idea for Tess’s first birthday party 😉

Most 1st birthday parties don’t have fun activities but Casey planned a couple great things that the kids all loved. She had a pool filled with balloons and y’all every single kid flocked to it. It was pure genius and it was something Carter especially enjoyed (like cried when he was taken out of the pool!). It’s tricky to truly give a 1 year old a party THEY enjoy but Casey pulled it off! 

The older kids all loved the “flight training” with little airplanes they could toss through the ring!

Party time!!! There was a GREAT turnout for Carter’s special day! Jordan’s parents came down from Atlanta and his brother even flew down from NYC. How special is that?!?!

Some flight trainers 😉

Britt says she’s going to marry Cooper when she grows up…I don’t know if he’s too sure about that yet 😉

Present time!

Whenever Jordan is in the room, Britt is attached to his hip non-stop. I know he loves the attention! 

Bring on the CAKE!

Of course some kind of sporting competition got started 😉

It’s no secret that I adore Jordan and truly consider him my brother. I also love his sweet family and enjoy getting to spend time with them when they are in town! Watching them with Carter always makes me cry. He’s the first grandchild and it shows…they just ADORE him. Even Drew (Jordan’s brother) was just so precious with him. Maybe it’s partially because I don’t have my mom and brother involved with my children…but I just really, really appreciate seeing them with Carter and it makes my heart so happy that Carter has SO much love surrounding him!

I equally love sitting back and watching Casey and Jordan interact with Carter. It’s hard to remember what it’s like to just have one baby. Seeing how their world revolves around him is just so precious. Every first is so exciting and they just both shine as parents. I couldn’t be more honored to get to be part of this experience with them and have loved seeing Carter grow up this year!

Carter handing out the hugs…so stinking cute!

Red, sweaty faces = evidence of a super fun time!

It was SUCH a fun morning! Everyone in my crew had a blast and it was so cute to see Carter having SO MUCH fun on his special day! Big props again to Casey for putting together such a well-planned, cute, well-flowing party 🙂 Before we know it it’ll be time to be planning the 2nd birthdays for our cousins bffs!

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