Britt’s Two Month Well Visit

The morning after we got home from Jacksonville Brittlynn had her two month pediatrician visit. When I scheduled the appointment I did not realize it was President’s Day and that Kye wouldn’t have school. Sooo he tagged along with us. Her appointment was on Feb 20th but she turned two months old on Feb 6th so it was rather late. I was eager to find out how much she’d grown because she hasn’t been to the doctor since she was eight days old!!!

Zach came with us to the appointment as she would be getting her first round of shots. I do not do shots. I don’t like needles and I don’t want my children to have the same issues I have so it’s better for Daddy to do it with them. We rushed around that morning to get everyone ready and out the door. Kye and Zach took my car to get the oil changed so I met them at the doctor’s office. When I got there Crissy was in the waiting room. With ALL FOUR kids. BY HERSELF. It made me sit and think about things in a new perspective. I was stressing out to get dressed and ready and out the door with just two kids and Zach was helping me. I gotta buck up and deal with it huh? If she can do it with four kids on her own then surely I can manage two! 

Her appointment was at 8:45…nap time!

Brittlynn measured 24 inches long, in the 90th percentile

(at last appointment she was 21!)

She weighed 13.10 lb, also in the 90th percentile
(last appointment she weighed 8lb 4oz)

Her head circumference was 15 inches, only in the 25th percentile
(last time it was 13 inches)

The appointment took longer than usual. We had a lot of wait time. Maybe due to the holiday? Both kids did well waiting and Kye had a fun time taking our orders and drawing while we waited. I think he enjoyed not being the one having to get checked 😉

We saw Kelly at this appointment and I really like her. I like EVERYONE at Griner’s office. Seriously, they have the best staff. She was so attentive to Brittlynn and took her time with the exam. She said she is perfectly healthy! Like Kye, she has perfect ears too 😉 All of her reflexes looked good and Kelly was so impressed with her strength when we put her on her tummy. She said she seemed more like a four month old than a two month old!

Here’s some of the things we discussed:

  • When Kye was an infant the recommendation was to give Tylenol before the appointment then continue to give it 24 hours after he got the shots, I heard that the recommendation has changed and I asked her about that. She said she still personally tells people to do it but that we could monitor Brittlynn and decide what to do depending on how she acted and if she got a fever.
  • I asked if Britt needs a Vitamin D supplement. The one I have is by Enfamil and it’s BROWN. Since Britt spits up a ton and that junk stains I haven’t been using it. She said I can go by Amerimed and ask for Elaine and get Baby D drops that are better than the Enfamil brand. 
  • We can’t give Britt Motrin until she’s over 6 months old (I forgot about that!)
  • She checked her angel kisses and stork bite and said that they will completely fade with time.
  • I asked about Britt’s congestion and she said it’s common with babies that spit up a lot and that we just need to use saline. We shouldn’t use the humidifier at all as it can cause mold so easily.
  • We discussed how Britt takes an hour to eat and she said, which is what I assumed, that she’s just a slow eater. If she’s takin that long on the bottle too then there really isn’t much I can do to speed her up. 
  • Britt always has a little redness on her and Kelly said it isn’t really diaper rash, it’s just from rubbing, but that using a little cream each diaper change never hurts and it’s what she did with her own children
  • Kelly couldn’t get over how strong she was and she complimented me and said you can always tell when parents put a large effort into tummy time. She said to do at least 30 min a day of it
  • I looked at the development chart they have there (I LOVE how detailed it is and need to find one like it online to reference) and Britt has done everything for her age, and has master most of the things for ages 3-6 months already!
  • She checked where we had her tongue clipped and said it looked good. Silly Brittlynn even smiled during the mouth check 😉

This appointment taught us the first BIG difference from Britt and Kye when they were babies. She does NOT handle pain well at all. She cried SO loud during her shots! Zach said she wouldn’t take the paci at all and just wanted to be held. She was so sad to hear and the sobs continued throughout the rest of the day. It was pitiful. She had a mild fever, diarrhea, was hot to touch, and was just simply miserable. I gave her lots of extra loving all day and did end up doing the Tylenol for the 24 hours. She needed it. She nursed longer than normal too and I really think nursing is a comfort thing for her sometimes. I didn’t mind the extra cuddles but did find it funny how truly girly she was about the whole thing. Kye would get shots and be done with it…but Britt kept the pity party going as long as possible haha!

The shots she had a this appointment were: Hep B, Polio, Pneumococcal Disease, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Rotavirus and Hib. She had to be poked three times and had to have one orally. Kinda intense for her first round, don’tcha think?!?!

We don’t go back for her four month visit until May 4th…two days shy of her turning five months old. BUT I did it on purpose because we’ll also do Kye’s 3 year visit that morning. I’d rather do them both together and have them be off track a little then have to go up there two separate times.

Looking back at Kye’s Two Month Well Visit it’s interesting how much longer she is than he was. He was 23 1/4 inches and she was 24 inches. Yet he weighed 5 oz more than she did. He was also several weeks younger than Britt was at her appointment. We have been saying that she takes after her daddy with her small head, but Kye’s head is HUGE and his head at this appointment was only 1/2 an inch bigger around than hers…that’s not that much of a difference really!

I’m so thankful Zach was able to go to that appointment with me and we are blessed to have another wonderfully healthy baby!


  1. Forddygirl
    March 9, 2012 / 4:05 pm

    It cracks me up how differently y'all do things "down there" in valdosta :-)Here, when you're released from the hospital after delivery, you dont go back there. Our pediatrician does a 1 week check, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, 30 months is recommended but i didnt do it w/ Rhyan b/c our favorite dr said its not a big deal :-), 3 years,  and then yearly after that.In one of those pics (where she's in the carseat, asleep and blanket is mostly covering her) she looks just like KYE!Seriously, i love her chunky cheeks! She's adorable. 🙂

  2. Emily in Iowa
    March 9, 2012 / 7:16 pm

    Brittlynn is a cutie!  🙂  Just a random commet from me today: You might want to do some extra research on the vitamin D.  When we lived in a warm climate, I just made sure we spent some time outdoors (at least 10 minutes) most days and my oldest's vitamin D levels tested quite high.  (I personally don't like to supplement unless I have proof it's needed.)   With my second, since we lived in a colder climate and she was a winter baby, I was definitely more concerned about her vitamin D.  I chose to supplement myself though instead, since I was breastfeeding  and it passes through breastmilk if mom has good vitamins levels.  Obviously it's a choice parents have to make, but I do know that baby vitamins are nasty and MESSY! (And I would guess that they are a little on the expensive side too. )  Wasn't sure if you knew that vitamin D would pass through breastmilk, so thought I'd mention it! 🙂

  3. BoyMom
    March 9, 2012 / 10:10 pm

    Your friend Crissy is impressive!  No worries as I still prefer my husband's help and we only have 2 kiddos.  And shots?  Yeah, I will not be part of those.  I literally leave the room and he just brings the kid(s) out to me when they're done.  So…about those shots…I'm wondering if you've researched vaccinations?  Some people follow the schedule exactly – but when you said, "Kinda intense for her first round, don'tcha think?!?!", I wondered if maybe a delayed schedule might be more your style?  I've read Dr. Sears' suggestions and they make sense to me.  We've opted out of a few vaccinations and the rest we've had administered on a delayed schedule as to not overwhelm their little bodies.  I think it's worth looking into – especially since y'all plan on having more children.  Just my $.02 : )

  4. Danielle P
    March 10, 2012 / 3:21 am

    I never realize how short Charlotte is until I read other baby stats. At her 9 month she was only 26 inches! What cutie Britt is and I love that Kye takes your order 🙂

  5. Nicole R
    March 12, 2012 / 9:47 pm

    Hi Emily, my name is Nicole and I came across your blog when I was looking into Babywise with my son who is just about to turn a year old.  I have never commented (bad me) but I was reading your post today and wanted to let you know about another option for Vitamin D drops.  I too nursed my son and my doctor told me I needed to give him Vitamin D. I tried the liquid and it was horrible. So, I did a bunch of research and found some that you actually use on your nipples and they get what they need when they are breastfeeding.  It worked great, doesn't have any taste (so it doesn't interfere with nursing).  I can't remember the name (I think they were Carlson), but I found mine on Amazon.   Hope this helps and I really enjoy reading your blogs. Your kids are adorable.

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