Britt’s Birthday Invitations!

Every birthday invitation for Kye has included a picture of him on it (but that’s probably changing for his 4th birthday! I already ordered the invites!) so I wanted to do the same thing for Brittlynn. Her 1 year photo shoot wasn’t until Dec 1st and her party was a week after so I couldn’t wait for the professional pics to put them on the invites. Y’all know I’ve been talking about how ROUGH she’s been for pictures…I was pretty nervous about how I’d do getting some of her and especially managing to get one that would be invite worthy haha!

I’ll go ahead and tell y’all the back story on her dress. You know how there are all these “share and win” things on Facebook now? Well this dress was one of them that I happened to see. I NEVER like most of the stuff I see people sharing. I’m not into the smocked thing. I like my kids to be modern and comfortable and most of that stuff doesn’t fit my style! When I saw this dress though I fell in LOVE with it. It was featured on Southern Tots and I contacted them about ordering it. It was $40. I have NEVER paid that much for something for my children. But I talked to Zach about it and I would normally buy a cute birthday party outfit and an outfit for her birthday photo shoot. So if she wore the dress to both events it would kinda justify the cost, right? Anyways…we debated and debated it (and I texted my trusty advisory committee…my poor friends who get stuck with my constant indecisiveness) and I ordered it!

Six weeks went by and I still didn’t have the dress. I was getting to freak out mode. I contacted them and finally got an answer and they said they had an over abundance of orders and didn’t know when it would get shipped out. Not cool!!!! I freaked and spread the word on Facebook about it. Zach’s AWESOME cousin totally helped me out. She IS into the whole fancy dress thing and has lots of friends who are too. Through her connections I found Ivy at I’m with love designs…she was AMAZING! She made the EXACT same dress for me for only $24!!! I’m nervous to share her info with everyone because I don’t want her prices to go up on me haha 😉 Seriously though, even if you’re not local I’m sure you could contact her and she’d ship for you! She got the dress done for me in just a couple days! I canceled the order with Southern Tots (and “unliked” them on Facebook…NEVER ordering from that type thing again!) and I LOVE how adorable the dress turned out. Even a matching bow (which I saved for the photo shoot and party!)!!! I can see MANY more purchases from her in the future 🙂

Since Britt was in a good mood for pictures on Thanksgiving I thought maybe it was the concrete ground??? So I attempted to take pics for the invites on both the front and back porches. Solo I didn’t do so great but I managed to capture the winner when Zach helped me out 😉


I love this…so funny

One of my favorites!

She ripped off the bow and then was much happier so we went with it

Laughing at Daddy

The best of the bunch!!!

There will be LOTS more party info to come but here is the finished product of her invitations! I think they turned out cute, however I was disappointed with the quality of the pdf file. I LOVE ordering the pdf file from Etsy and having them printed at the UPS store. Cheaper and always happy with the end result. I was not pleased with the pdf as it was pretty pixelated…so I used some matching pink card stock…I glued the invites on it to help it look better quality and I like the end result! I will not, however, be using that Etsy seller again! 

She may not be a picture taking fan but we managed to capture a couple good ones on our little shoot!


  1. Amanda Jones
    January 1, 2013 / 8:28 pm

    Love the dress, omg adorable especially with her beautiful blue eyes! I know you can't tell from the invite photo, but it was a super cute invite!

  2. Sandi
    January 2, 2013 / 2:30 am

    Fantastic matching of the blues in her eyes, the dress and the invite (boo that it was pixel-y… That happened to me once too on a homemade design) Can't wait for the party posts, curious about these cold treats!

  3. Danielle P
    January 2, 2013 / 3:55 am

    I loved the pink bow but it would have lasted 5 seconds with Charlotte! I need a seamstress, I am with you on the cost of the "boutique" kids clothes but I love the look.

  4. Rachael_Copponex
    January 3, 2013 / 4:23 pm

    Haha what a stinker. In my experience boys are easier to photograph than girls. I LOVE the dress. I also unfollowed all the boutiques. Before I left FB. Hahahahahahaha 😛

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