Britt’s 2nd Bday Letter – From Daddy

I know my children will always have a lot of things from me to read thanks to this blog…so I especially love it when Zach writes to our children. I have a letter my dad wrote for me in 5th grade and it means the world to me and brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. Daddies and their children share a special bond and I appreciate Zach so much for the love he has for our babies!

You can read his 1st birthday letter to Britt here!


Where do I begin?
You are turning two. It is hard to believe that you have such a large
personality at such a young age. You are defiantly the prettiest two year old
I have ever seen. You are beautiful. You also are very good at copying your
brother. You try to do everything he does. 
Jump off things, run around the house and copy everything he says. You
also are great at pouting. Whether it is getting in the tub, out of the tub,
putting on clothes, taking off clothes, fixing your hair or taking your hair
down, you have mastered the art of pouting. Its ok don’t worry, I don’t fall
for it. You are also tough as nails. I call you my little prize fighter
sometimes because you look like you just got out of the boxing ring. You have
bruises everywhere.  

Some of my favorite memories of your second year of life

How you learned how to say “wov you Daddy”. It made my heart
melt to hear my little girl utter this for the first time. Now you tell me (or
I make you tell me ) every night before bed.

How you always like me to tickle you. It is so cute and
funny when you run up to me and say “tickle me daddy, tickle me.” Your smile is
infectious and I cannot help but to laugh and oblige your request. I love the
laughter that fills our home and tickling you is when it is at its loudest. 

How you like to watch football with me. I always thought
about watching football with my sons one day. But when you came up to me and
said “ooohhh ball” and sat beside me to watch. I had a huge grin across my
face. You were almost as entranced as me.

Your roar is amazing. Casting fear in the hearts of all who
behold it. You’re such a fearsome lion, or tiger, or bear, or monster, or even
Brittlynn sometimes. And boy is it loud.

One of my favorite things is watching how you fill others with joy. Everyone wants to hold you and they all smile so big when they do.
You make people smile on a regular basis and that is a great quality to have, even at two.  

I have loved just watching you grow and develop this year. Climbing the playground,
going down the big slides, trying to climb latters, you are just growing too
fast and you are only two!

I am
looking forward to year three, although I am not looking forward to you being
older. I know you will grow, I know you will get older, and grow up and have
your own family someday. But for now I want to cherish every moment that I get
to tickle you and chase you around the house. Letting your smile brighten up my
day when I get home from a long day at work. 
Riding you on the golf cart and watching the joy fill your eyes. Telling
you I love you and hoping one day you will understand how deep and how powerful
of a love that is. I will always protect you and watch over you. You are my
little girl.  And no matter how big, or
how old you get, you always will be. 

Happy Birthday. Love,


(of course his letters are typically a little shorter than mine so keep on scrolling to see the rest of Britt with her daddy throughout this past year!)

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