Brittlynn’s 6 Month Photo Shoot ~ Family

Brittlynn’s 6 month photo shoot crept up on us. I mean it felt like we just did her 3 month pics!!! While I LOVED the ones we got during that 3 month shoot, I really was hoping to capture a good brother/sister shot this time as well as a good family one. We got SUCH amazing ones of each of us solo with Brittlynn that I told Lindsay not to worry about getting any of those. I wanted to use the limited “happy baby” time we had to focus on the pics that were most important this time around 😉 I found Brittlynn’s dress on sale at Gap Outlet and the rest of us already had all the clothes we wore. I liked the idea of using Britt’s pink chair from her room for the shoot. For Kye’s 6 month pics we used his red one and I think it’s a neat idea to do for each of our children!

We met up with Lindsay from Captured by Colson very early on a Tuesday morning to do these pics. I wanted to do them first thing in the morning as that is when Brittlynn is the happiest. What we didn’t realize was that Kye was NOT feeling well. Poor kid. We found out the next day that he had strep 🙁 He suffered through and Lindsay was awesome at capturing great shots even though he wasn’t feeling like himself 🙁 Here’s some of my favorites of the kids together and our family!




I think this is my favorite family one!







Bless Kye’s heart…






I adore this!







Smiling through it!


I love that she can sit on her own now, I think it makes for such cute pictures of them together!




Any favorites? Britt’s solo pics are up next! Thanks again to Captured By Colson for these precious shots of our babies loving on each other!!!

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  1. Rachael_Copponex
    July 16, 2012 / 7:33 pm

    What were you doing to get her attention?  She has a look of "OOOOOOO!"  i love her eyes!

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